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Chokkanatha Swamy Temple , Domlur - Bangalore ancient temples

In this article we share our visit experience of one of ancient temples of Bangalore , the Chokkanatha Swamy Temple at Domlur which is around 10-12 kms from Bangalore center.

Sri Chokkanatha Swamy temple and Dwaja Stambha View
 It was a bright sunny morning when our team reached here , they took the old airport road route. Although very near to the main road , the cross roads were narrow and our team managed to get their vehicle parked in front of the temple. We recommend as this temple is now submerged by residential houses all around and roads are little narrow , better to park 4 wheelers at a distant place to avoid traffic jams.

The entrance pillars carvings gave a clear glimpse that its an ancient temple . Surrounding the main shrine were Idols of Ganapathi , Hanuman and Navagraha. There were few remains of temple's old stone carvings.

Old stone carvings at the entrance 

Temple History as indicated here

According to inscriptions carved on the walls of this temple in Dravidian (Tamil) script , it is noted that the name of the deity as Chokkaperumal, along with the consorts Sridevi and Bhoo devi of Saligrama Shila. The location of the temple is written as Tommalur pertaining to Desimanikka Pattanam of Iipakka nadu (present Yelahanka) in Raja Raja Cholavalandu. The earliest available inscriptions pertain to 1200 AD of Raja chola period. Accordingly, Irvi Tripuranthaka Chettiar and his wife parvathi chetticti for the betterment of shoulder and sword of Tribhuvana Mallar Vempi Devar probably chieften of Dommalur , donated wet and dry lands at Jalapalli village and the lake of Vinnimangalam.They have also granted garden land to Iron piran Allala Nambiyar who has land rights of this temple as donation and that his descendants for doing archanas in the temple and the right to carry out prathishts ceremony and some more lands for the maintenance of the temple. In order to preserve this ancient shrine, Sri M.krishna reddy and devotees of Dommalur under took renovation during 1975 - 83 preserving ancient structures restored in present form.

Carvings , Inscriptions on Pillars

Inscriptions pertaining to Hoysala king Ramanandadeva in 1300 AD indicates sanctioning money for festivals. Thus construction of the temple might be during or prior to that period. According to Karnataka gazetteer, the original structure seems to be garbhagriha and the Ardha mantapa belongs to chola period. The front navaranga is built in typical Vijayanagar style. The cellar is found in the arda mantapa of the temple for storing valuables which is now covered. The vidyaganapathi temple was constructed in 1985.

Temple shrine Entrance

Sthala Purana / Significance of the Spot as indicated here 

Sri AkhilandaKoti Bramhanda Nayaka ,SriVaikuntavaasi , Sri Bhoo sametha , Sri paravasudeva bhagavan avyahatha divya agnyaih saptha rishi mandala Prasanna Uttara malika states that a great sage did intense penance at this place to get the blessings of Lord vishnu for the benefits of locals here. Lord Vishnu was pleased and informed to install his Divya vigraham so that the local may regularly worship. It was also mentioned that all should not forget the "Anthima Smruthi" at the time of death to acheive "Paramapada Mooksham". Accordingly the moola vigraham was installed at a high place so that it can receive the radiance of cosmic energy and radiate in all eight directions at all times. The temple is built in such a way at a high place facing east . the sun rays fall on the on the main deity at sunrise , specially one may see it during the end of February to first week of March and also during Sep to Oct of every year during Uttarayana and Dakshinayana respectively . People who worship the lord and carryout pradakshinam are blessed with the grace to fulfill their wishes. This is the only temple in Bangalore possessing pranic energy.

Inscriptions all over the temple

On entering the main shrine , we observed it followed a typical Cholas construction model with stone pillars and carvings. There was total silence inside the temple when the poojas are performed. The main Idol of Chokkanatha Swamy accompanied by Bhoo devi and Sridevi were pleasing to the eyes. One must really appreciate the priest here , who was working here single handed , was very professional - promptly used to perform the Archane pooja , attend to devotees and arrange prasadams.

Painting showing 15Aug1947 temple status

We observed an unique way of Pradakshinam here which resembles the sthala purana above - where there were specific squares painted at different points of the temple where it was instructed to pray for a minute , then proceed to the next square and repeat the same procedure till all squares are covered . So if you happen to visit on a weekend you may notice many devotees waiting in queue to perform this.

Devotees praying at square blocks 

Temple also houses its own well which may be constructed in late 90s and a small Brindavan garden.

Devotees praying at square blocks near the well and Brindavan

Temple is open between 6 AM to 11 AM in morning and between 5.45 PM to 8.30 PM at evening. Overall a very nice and unique spot to visit with friends and family. Do visit this place and share your experience.