Sri Someshwara temple , Marathahalli - Bangalore ancient temples

In our team's search of Bangalore ancient temples , they visited few old temples in Marathahalli which is about 16-18 kms from city center. In this article , we share our visit experience of Sri Someshwara Swamy temple at Marathahalli.

Sri Someshwara temple , Marathahalli  1
Big shiva Statue at the temple 

This temple is believed to be constructed during the period of cholas at around 11th century.  Temple houses a small gopuram , on entering which it leads to the main sanctum where Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Shiv Linga accompanied by Ganesha , Parvathi idols. The temple seemed to be renovated , however the old stone pillars tells us a story. Special poojas are conducted here during village processions and Shiva rathri.  It is said this temple which once used to be recognized as the center of Marathahalli is now away on account of new developments this part of city has seen in recent years.

Sri Someshwara temple , Marathahalli 2
Temple's gopuram

There has been recently a cave temple made here where different avatars of Lord Vishnu , Shiva and upto 200 idols are housed . There is also a Shiva statue similar to the one in Murugeshpalya which may be around 18 to 20 feet to attract visitors. There is a minimal entry fee of Rs.10 to enter this cave structure.

Sri Someshwara temple , Marathahalli 3
Temple's sanctum view

Temple is less crowded except during village functions and is open between 7 AM to 11 AM and from 5 PM to 7.30 PM at evening. There is also a Hanuman temple nearby where a 18 feet hanuman idol is erected posing towards North which is considered as auspicious.  So if you happen to visit Marathahalli , do visit these Bengaluru's ancient spots and share your visit experience.

Sri Someshwara temple , Marathahalli 4
Hanuman temple and big Idol