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Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore

Our team recently visited Sridhara Sri gudda near Kengeri which is about 12-13 kms from city center. In this post , we share our visit experience and what we explored here

On our search for tourist locations in Bengaluru , we got information about Sridhara Sri Gudda ( Gudda in Kannada means a hillock ) which is located in Kodipalya , Kengeri. This is a centre for Self Realization - which houses an ashram , meditation center , a temple with unique idols and parks. Hence we left to explore this spot on a sunny monsoon morning. 

Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore 1
Sridhara Srigudda - Entrance
We took kanakapura road - BSK 6th stage route to reach this spot. There are bus services to this location. This is on the way connecting BSK 6th stage and Vishnuvardhan road connecting to Rajarajeshwari nagar and Uttarahalli. It is open for visitors between 7 AM to 12 PM and at evening between 5 to 7.30 PM.

At the entrance we noticed an arch board "Vyasa Veda Peeta"  , on entering which there was ample space for parking. The area seemed to be spread around 4-5 acres with lush plantations and trees all around keeping the location cool with chirping sounds of birds and insects.

Sri Gurumatha Amma is the founder of this Ashram. She often travels around the world to meet devotees, deliver talks and give meditation and yoga retreats. Once a month, she connects with her devotees around the world over telephone at the Hunnime Nudi Satsang

Few spots of Interest inside the Sridhara Sri gudda Campus 

Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore 2
Sridhara Srigudda - Temple Gopuram

Temple : This temple unique of its kind houses idols of Lord Shiva ling known as Karuneshara Linga , Shiva Shakthi Chaitanya ganapathi , Bhudevi , Karunakshi , Chaitanya Skanda , Maha Meru.  Many devotees conduct special program and recite sthothras here.

Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore 3
Sridhara Srigudda - Sahasrara Meditation hall
 Naivedya Laskhmi : A dining hall where food is served for devotees

Sahasrara : A place for meditation where the ambiance is kept very sacred and serene.

Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore 4
Sridhara Srigudda - Navagraha Vana plantations
 Navagraha Vana : An unique park which houses gopuras of Nava grahas ( 9 planets ) over a hillock which forms the backdrop of the ashrama and is one of the main attractions here. There is also a temple for Lord Shaneshwara on top of this hillock. This spot is fully filled with lush green plantations and is good for a cool stroll.

Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore 5
Sridhara Srigudda Hillock steps

Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore 6
Sridhara Srigudda - Navagraha Vana Gopurams

Vidya Peeta :  Here classes are conducted on Vedic science , Vedas , Ayurveda and Satvik foods.

Sridhara Sri gudda , Kengeri , Bangalore 7
Sridhara Srigudda -  Vyasa Vidya Peeta

Overall a very nice place to visit for those who like to meditate , seek mental peace and silence , relax in the midst of nature. Do visit here and share your experiences.