Thottikallu Falls - Bangalore scenic weekend destination

In this post , we share our team's visit  experience on their visit to Thottikallu Falls popularly known as "TK falls" near Kaggalipura , Kanakapura road - around 40 kms from city center. 

This spot is around 4 kms from Kaggalipura Kanakapura main road and also reachable from Bannerghatta at 12kms distance. We recommend to take the road from Kaggalipura which has a good reach till the entrance of the spot with good roads. Although the roads get narrower while getting nearer to the spot , 4 wheelers may still reach the spot , 2 wheeler commuters will find the road easy. 

Surrounded by serene villages and cool gentle breeze it was an awesome trip to this destination. Lush green fields , trees on both sides of the road , lake views relaxes one's mind. 

We had to ask local people to guide us through the roads as there was no proper GPS track and direction boards. There is no parking fee / security near the spot and the place looks like a forest. So its advised to carry sufficient food and water supplies as there are no shops in the vicinity for at-least 2 kms. 

Once we reached the spot , we were invited by the Munneshwara temple and the water passage canal which flowed in from the top of Thottikallu rock where few visitors were relaxing dipping in the water. We were surprised to see police guarding the spot. On querying we got to know there were crime cases reported on robbery at this spot where some goonda men scare the visitors and snatch their valuable items like mobile phones etc. Hence it is not advised to come here alone , always plan to visit here with atleast more than 5 people in your group. 

Thottikallu falls - water passage

Thottikallu falls - Munneshwara temple

There is a small passage through which we need to walk for 200 mts to reach the water falls spot. Police men at first did not allow us to visit here as they say it is not secure. On further request , we got to visit for some time. Police guard this spot between 12:00 PM to 17:00 hrs everyday. Hence visitors are highly advised to visit during these times for safety.

Thottikallu falls - Path towards the water falls

Thottikallu falls - below the water falls 

The water falls was visible once we walked in around 100 mts . Flow was normal falling from top of rock of about 100 feet. Visitors enjoy by taking a shower under this falls.

Thottikallu water falls
In kannada 'Thotti' means a trough and 'kallu' means Stone. So the falls matches its name and flows right through the rock stones.

Thottikallu water falls view

Overall a good weekend spot to visit with family and friends . Water flow is good during rainy and monsoons . Do visit this spot and share your experience.