Anjaneya Swamy temple , Muthathi - Bangalore Weekend destinations

In this post , we cover one of our awesome weekend trips to Anjaneya Swamy temple at Muthathi about 100kms from Bangalore near Kanakapura.

Our team wanted to explore the scenic nature spots near Kanakapura district which is about 50kms from Bangalore. They started their journey from Bangalore , reached Kanakapura in an hour along the NH209 highway , had a great breakfast at Srinivasa Hotel near Kanakapura Circle. Then we headed towards Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman temple via Saathanur route which is about 16 kms from the highway. After visiting this temple , we headed further towards the river side Anjaneya Swamy temple which is about 8 kms from this spot. 

Forest road leading to Muthathi Anjaneya temple

Hope you have read through our previous article on Paadhare Hanuman temple at this spot. The next 8 km trip was awesome with further lush green land spaces . As we moved further , roads became narrow , steep and sharp turns which added more joy to our adventurous ride.

Monkeys on road in forest

As we almost reached near the temple , we were greeted by Cauvery river side awesome landscape . Many tourists after visiting the temple visit here in families , arrange a bar-b-q kind of setup , prepare food and enjoy their time. Fishing is banned by Government in this region . There were caution boards put up indicating to beware of whirl pools in the river which may not be safe for swimming. 

Riverside View near Muthathi Anjaneya temple

Muthathi Anjaneya temple entrance

We visited the Anjaneya temple where Lord Hanuman Idol was consecrated. Opposite to which was Kala Bhairava and Basaveshwara temples. There is a belief among the locality people that one who worships the god with Bhakthi is sure of fulfilling his desires.  Outside the temple is a bazaar street where we found many hawker shops selling Sweets , fruits , food items etc . Many devotees visited here conducted poojas for their vehicles. Many shops were renting necessary utensils , fire wood etc required for families who used to prepare bar-b-q at the spot. 
There is a story that during Ramayana Sita when taking bath near Kaveri river Banks missed her nose pin which got lost in the river. Sita devi was very fond of same which everyone started searching . Hanuman was able to search and return back to Sita after which this place finds its name.

This is the only spot after the 24 km drive where we found shops. So we recommend you carry sufficient food and fuel stuffs while exploring this awesome forest. Mobile signals are completely off in this region.

Muthathi Anjaneya temple - Riverside - Nandi Idol 

Muthathi Anjaneya temple
Overall a must visit weekend spot with family and friends where one can spend a whole day enjoying the forest , riverside and awesome landscapes . Do visit and share your experience.