Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple - Bangalore weekend Destinations

In this post , we cover one of our awesome weekend trips to Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple at Muthathi about 100kms from Bangalore near Kanakapura.

Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple Back view
Our team wanted to explore the scenic nature spots near Kanakapura district which is about 50kms from Bangalore. They started their journey from Bangalore , reached Kanakapura in an hour along the NH209 highway , had a great breakfast at Srinivasa Hotel near Kanakapura Circle. Then we headed towards Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman temple via Saathanur route.

Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple Front View

Once we crossed the villages near Saathanur enjoying the scenic beauty , we were greeted by the arch of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary where there was a check post. Few forest police men took a vigil at all the vehicles . Beware not to carry any hot drinks as it is strictly prohibited inside and one may bear a huge amount of fine if found caught cheating. We made an entry in the log book and passed by the gate.

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary Check post
Once we passed the gate , we were right inside the forest area greeted by monkey family all along the road which were very decent unlike street monkeys !! We noticed few forest pigs and Mongoose on the way . This place is known for Elephants , but we couldn't spot them. Surrounded by lust green all long the path , it was a treat driving inside the forest area.

Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple Road

Roads were just well good for the travel. We enjoyed being at 2nd and 3rd gear all along. After passing through about 18 kms inside the forest , we reached the spot - Paadhare Hanuman temple. There is a belief at this spot Lord Hanuman foot steps were found. There is a Hanuman idol of about 3 feet high and attracts the visitors passing by. This temple is open from morning 8 AM to evening 6 PM on weekends. We recommend visitors to travel here during weekends . There is another Hanuman temple at Muthathi village which we shall cover in a separate post.

Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple Monkeys
Although there is one bus travelling to Muthathi via this forest path, auto rickshaws were spotted though less frequent carrying passengers along the path. Forest seemed to be very safe for the traveler.

Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple forest Path - Rickshaw passing by

Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple - Forest Path 

Muthathi Paadhare Hanuman Temple - Forest Hills
Overall an awesome must visit spot. Do visit with your family and friends and share us your experience.