Bhoganandishwara - Nandi Grama , Bangalore weekend tourist destinations

In this post , we share our visit experience to one of the magnificent ancient temples of Karnataka  - The Bhoganandishwara temple at Nandi Grama - which is about 60 kms from city center.

Bhoganandishwara temple

History of this temple

This temple is perhaps the finest and the most ornate of the dravidian temples in Karnataka.  This is a twin temple built side by side. The north one is dedicated to Bhoganandishwara and the southern shrine to Arunachaleshwara. Each consists of a garbhagriha , a sukanasi and a navaranga.

Bhoganandishwara temple - Corridor

The four pillars of the navaranga of the Bhoganandishwara shrine are carved with fine small figures on all the sides. The ceiling over them , about 7 feet square has Astadikpalakaas with Shiva and Parvathi in the central panel. In front of the navaranga entrance is the Nandi Mantapa.

Bhoganandishwara temple - Devi temple

The outer walls of the north and south shrines have pilasters , turrets and pierced windows with a few figures her and there. the base has a frieze of elephants , yaalis and lions intercepted with each other. Both the shrines have fine Shikaras built of stone which are mostly similar in design.

Bhoganandishwara temple - Vasantha Mantapa

Between the two shrine is a small intervening shrine dedicated to Umamaheshwara. In front of this is a Kalyana Mantapa built of black stone very interestingly carved with creepers and birds. The temple is known for the sculpture of Hermbha Ganapathi, kept in the navaranga of Bhoganandishwara shrine. The prakara has two shrines, Vasanta mantapa , TulabaraMantapa ,and a square stepped Shringi Thirtha pond.

Bhoganandishwara temple - Gopura

There is a Kalyana Mantapa and a huge stepped tank in the north., enclosed by a cloister wall.The prakara has 2 mahadwaraas  Copper plates found at the ChikkaBallapura , states that the temple was built by Ratnavali, consort of the Bana King Bana VidyaDara during 810 A.D

Bhoganandishwara temple - Front Entrance
 Temple seems to be covering 20 acres area. On entering the temple , path is surrounded by beautiful corridor mantaps with grass beds and a small pond in this area.

Bhoganandishwara temple - Front view

Bhoganandishwara temple - Kalyani Shringi Theertha
Special Poojas are conducted here . During our visit , Kalyanotsava program was conducted by the devotees . Below image shows Utsava Idol  -

Bhoganandishwara temple - Utsava

Bhoganandishwara temple - Mahanavami Dibba

Bhoganandishwara temple - Mantapas

This temple being about 1200 years old - has seen many south Indian dynasties -  Gangas, Cholas , Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Kings ,Chikaballapura chiefs , Mysore Kings . The temple structures are still well preserved.

Bhoganandishwara temple - Pillars

It is believed the temples "Bhoga" and "Yoga" nandishwara represent the life stages of Lord Shiva. UmaMaheshwara temple here indicates the marriage state of Lord Shiva and hence attracts newly wed couples who come here to take blessings.  

This is a must visit spot near Nandi Hills along YogaNandishwara temple on top of Nandi Hills. Temple is open on all days between 7 AM to 7 PM. Do visit the spot and share your experience.