Nandi Hills - Bangalore weekend hangout destination

In this post , we cover our visit experience to Nandi Hills , one of the infamous hill destinations in Chikkaballapur district which is about 65 kms from the city center towards north. 

Tippu drop Spot on top of Nandi Hills

Had you ever thought of or desire of touching the skies in Bangalore ? Then this spot is the one for you where clouds gently touch you over the hill which is about 5000 ft above the sea level. This hill spot is well connected from Bangalore Hyderabad National highway and about 20 kms from Highway.

Nandi fort entrance gate Hill road details

What history says about this spot

  • Was earlier known as Anandagiri - the Hill of Happiness during Cholas period - has a temple dedicated to lord Shiva on top of the hill - YogaNandeeshwara temple.
  • Came to known as Nandi Durga when Tippu Sultan built a fort on this hill
  • Tippu Sultan used to punish condemned prisoners throwing to death from top of this hill which is now known as Tippu Drop spot.
  • Known as Nandi (Bull) hill as it resembles a sleeping bull.
  • Attacked and captured by British during Mysore war during 1791 till independence.

Nandi fort entrance gate
The 8 km road rounding the hills from ground level is well maintained and is a joy for drivers capturing the scenic beauty around. KSRTC bus , auto services are available to reach till the hill top fort entrance. Visitor vehicles are further allowed to reach the top of hill . There is an entrance fee of Rs.100 for 1 family to access this spot which covers parking charges etc. However access to commuters is free. 

Nandi Hills Landscape Views
Tippu Sultan had built a small summer palace on this hill as a rest house which has now deteriorated. Lush green parks are cultivated for visitors with small huts and ladders converted view spots.Few adventure sports like Paragliding are arranged here. After passing around 750m from the fort entrance , we reach the hill top where YogaNandishwara temple is situated. There are few restaurants and other shops at this spot.

Nandi Hills Landscape Views
Horticulture department cultivate many plants here. One may find many hawkers selling grapes all over this region.

Nandi Hills rock side view

Nandi Hills Tippu drop spot

Nandi Hills Landscape View from Hotel

Nandi Hills Landscape View points

Nandi Hills park

Road to Nandi Hills
A very nice spot to visit for couples , with family and friends. Best time to visit would be during summer between 10 AM to 7 PM  although we visited during winter. 

Do visit this spot and share your experience.