Yoganandeeshwara Hillock temple , Nandi Hills - Bangalore weekends

In this post , we share our visit experience to one of the ancient temples of Karnataka  - The YogaNandeeshwara temple at Nandi Grama - which is about 65 kms from city center.
It is believed the temples "Bhoga" and "Yoga" nandishwara represent the life stages of Lord Shiva while Yoga represents the renunciation stage of Shiva. We have covered Bhoganandeeshwara temple in our earlier article

 This temple believed to be about 1300 years old is located on top of the Nandi Hills i.e the final destination of the Nandi hills path leads here and is the highest point. Devotees after visiting Bhoganandeeshwara temple visit here. From ground level the 8 km curvy road which is well maintained  leads to this hill top spot. The drive route is awesome with landscapes and scenic spots.

Yoganandeeshwara Hillock temple Nandi Hills
Yoganandesshwara temple Kalyani


Temple has a small kalyani. Inside the sanctum Shiva Linga of about 3/4 feet is worshipped , other idols include of Parvathi , Hanuman. A very calm place suitable for meditation. 

Yoganandeeshwara Hillock temple Nandi Hills
Sanctum inside the temple area
 Not all may notice the kalyani which is next to the sanctum as there is a very small door besides the sanctum to enter the kalyani area. Don't miss the View point from this kalyani area. As usual monkeys flow all around , beware of your food stuffs from being snatched !!

Yoganandeeshwara Hillock temple Nandi Hills
Small temples of Ganesha , Narasimha on the rock face
Just opposite to this temple is a view point and Hotel which offers a great view of the surroundings,

Yoganandeeshwara Hillock temple Nandi Hills
Temple exit point leading to Nandi Hill rock area and Tippu drop

Yoganandeeshwara Hillock temple Nandi Hills
Compound of the temple

Temple is open between morning 7 to evening 7 PM . We recommend you to visit this temple during weekends as it attracts more visitors and temple staff may open for long time during these days. Overall a must visit spot on Nandi Hills. Do visit here and share your experience.