How to avoid Refrigerator bad smell and keep it clean

Most of us use Refrigerators at our homes for our regular food items cooling needs. At times we may experience bad odors coming out of the fridge , yeast accumulation which not only create a stinking essence but also may affect the food particles stored inside . It is very essential for every home maker to maintain fridge in good condition . In this post we share few tips on maintaining your refrigerator . Hope it helps -

* Cut lime into 2 half pieces . After squeezing the lime juice , keeping the peel/husk of lime inside the fridge not only sucks the fridge odor but also creates its own essence

How to avoid bad smell from Refrigerator and keep it clean

 * Usually flowers kept inside the fridge inside a plastic cover lasts long. Spatika / Crystal flower buds kept inside fridge using a plastic cover remains in the same state , till we remove them
* If the fridge gasket or internals are affected with yeast / boost , gently wiping them using clear vinegar helps in clearing off the boost
* Using a piece of cotton bud dipped inside vanilla and storing in fridge , helps in reducing fridge odor and creates a scent
* The bottom & backup portions of the fridge must be cleaned at least once a month
* When defrosting the fridge , spreading old newspapers helps in sucking the water content faster and the time spent on soaking using a cloth may be reduced
* Items stored inside the fridge must not be kept open and should be closed.
* If fridge is not used for long time , it is recommend to clean the internals using a simple mixture of water & baking soda. After cleaning , use a cotton cloth and clean wipe. On the rubber parts , spray a talcum powder and rub over it so that it becomes dry. Keep some coffee powder in a small cup inside , which helps is preventing bad odor.

There are much more tricks like ones mentioned above . Do try these and maintain your fridge in proper condition ensuring you good health. Keep us posted with your comments and experience of following these tricks . If you find this article worth , do contribute by sharing with your friends and family.

- Article contributed by KSR