How to keep deleting bad thoughts and be happy

Sometimes we use our mind just like a street dump yard . We keep loading it with so many stuffs which may not be useful at all in future,  gradually causes its decline , indirectly leads to other diseases - leading to weakening our body. The dust and dirt thoughts or feelings inside represent its own disease . Strangely many people unknowingly , invite problems and suffer.

It is every essential to discover and search at times such dirt thoughts of Anger , Jealous , Impatience , Revenge , Depression etc & clean from our mind. By doing it ,  mind's strength will be retained just like a new light entering into home after a neat brush of dust outside the house. We get new light , new energy , new air which brings in new happiness and enthusiasm. But how is it possible to empty the mind ? 

Just like we take bath once or twice daily to keep our external body safe and clean , even our mind should be observed and brought in control which is not an easy task. Some people doesn't even have the practice to introspect , while some doesn't know how to introspect , but still they  don't accept that their minds are disturbed.

Everyday in the morning and at evening spare 5 to 10 minutes for introspecting your mind. Start practicing seeing inside your minds which is for your benefit .  After a fresh bath , sit & relax on your favorite position , close your eyes , imagine that no external sound /voice may intervene you , inhale a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Take a deep inhale and exhale 3 times , inhale the fresh oxygen inside , store it inside for few seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. Imagine , you are leaving out all contamination from your body while you are exhaling.  Imagine the fresh air inhaled through your nose and the thrill of it spreading inside across your heart , stomach and all other body parts. After 2 or 3 seconds , slowly exhale out through your mouth . Imagine during exhale -  the tiredness , wicked emotions etc are going out of your body.  Again inhale & exhale - do this for 5 to 10 minutes which helps in emptying the mind.

Emptying the mind releases tension and provides patience.  Your body will find new strength from it , your eyes will be more brighter , your minds will get more room to accept new thoughts . Practice this at-least for 21 days and see how its brings in change to your life.

Just by practicing this technique for few days you will start noticing many problems in your body start getting solved , mind gets relaxed ,  memory power gets increased , mind starts moving towards more creative tasks and thoughts . By doing this daily , you can understand and take control of the magic inside you - your mind.

 Always one should not criticize self and feel low . One should be proud of self , should be able to console self , should love self , but should never get a feel of being superior to others , also should not give room to a feel of others as inferior compared to self , preserve the feeling of equality.  Such persons who has won  their mind will always find patience , Satisfaction , Wealth and Happiness forever.

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- An article contributed by DMH.

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