Sangama - Mekedaatu - River swimming - Bengaluru Weekend Destination

In this post , we share our team visit to Mekedaatu Sangama , about 95 kms from Bangalore.

Highlights of this Spot
  • Rivers Kaveri & Arkavathi join at this point forming Sangama 
  • River about 100 to 150 mts wide with shallow water
  • Surrounded by lush green hills 
  • Sangameshwara temple near Sangama point

Mekedaatu Sangama point - Cauvery Arkavathi rivers

It was a Sunday sunny morning when our team left to this spot. We drove through kanakapura - Bangalore highway and took the diversion to Sangama highway. Initially roads were narrow , later passing through 3 - 4 kms, it was a pleasure to drive with cool breeze from green trees on both sides. Passing through villages , farmers cultivating silk - it was a nice experience . 

First we visited the isolated Shivanankareshwara temple about 8 kms inside the forest area from this spot and then traversed back to this Spot.

Coracles near Sangama entrance
We had to park our vehicles about 100 mts away from this spot. Greeted with petty shops on both side of the road - selling grilled fish , snacks , buttermilk , churmuri etc were few attractions. 

Sangama - River Hill view
The shallow waters were welcoming us to take a cool dip on this hot summer day. The spot is safe for enjoying swimming , being patrolled . However there were hoardings put to be careful to not enter into isolated / unsafe areas where water swirls may be observed. There are ropes tied at the Kaveri rock face where one may enjoy the tides. Our team enjoyed playing games and swimming at this spot. The sweet water of Kaveri & arkavathi filled our dry thirst. 

Sangama - river banks

Sri Sangameshwara temple , Sangama

Sangameshwara temple at the corner of river bank had idol of Shiva linga consecrated. However this seemed to attract less visitors. Temple was closed by the time we reached back . However we could get a glimpse of idol from temple door

There were 1 or 2 lodges and restaurant serving delicious food. Do not miss out the fresh river fish grill. One may even plan a night stay at this spot , enjoy the night chill with camp fires.

Sangama - Kanakapura road

Overall an awesome weekend river adventure spot just at 2 hours journey from Bangalore. Do visit with your family , friends and share your experience.