Mekedaatu - an awesome leap from Bangalore - Weekend destination

In this post , we share our visit experience to one of the scenic weekend spots from Bengaluru - Mekedaatu - about 90kms from bengaluru city. 

Highlights of this spot :
  • Scenic spot comprising rock cliffs , gorges , kaveri river passing through the cliffs. 
  • In Kannada 'Meke' means Goat and 'Daatu' means a leap . 
  • It is believed as per mythology of this spot - Once a tiger went behind hunting a goat which passed through this area. Taking the escape route  - it took a leap over the river passage and disappeared . Localities believe lord Shiva may have appeared in form of goat

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow view 1
In our previous post - we shared our experience of Sangama spot. After covering Sangama , our team started exploring this spot. There is no direct good road to this spot. On the other side of Sangama spot - there are arrangements made with local mini buses / vans which carry visitors to this spot. Per passenger is charged Rs.60 for an up and down visit. Buses flow once in 30 minutes. If you are fit for a trekking walk of 2 kms - you may further enjoy the nature.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow view 2
The 2 km bus journey is awesome passing through the rocky area island , trees. If you have a 4x4 - it further adds up to the driving pleasure. There were hoardings about rare crocodiles noticed at these spots - however with the vigilant arrangements made - spot is totally safe.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow view 3
The bus dropped us at the viewing tower where we get an awesome view of the spot from top. At this spot , you get the only shop on this isolated island selling soft drinks & snacks. There is small passage with stairs to reach down the spot and further get a glimpse of the rocky gorges.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow rocks
The granite rocks are safe to climb, however due to the sharp edges and slippery locations - some spots may be dangerous and advised to avoid. As per the officials - its reported few visitors in anxiety of taking selfies / photos had got severely injured falling into the gorge. It is advised not to enter into water as flow currents are high.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow rocks

Mekedaatu - Visitors climbing rocks
Our team spent an hour here and returned back. The bumpy bus ride was again a fun.

Mekedaatu - Steps to reach down

Mekedaatu - Local bus
Overall an awesome scenic spot one must not miss to visit . Buses flow in from morning 9 AM to evening 5 PM . Do visit this spot and share your experience.