Ghati Subramanya - dual deity darshan in midst of Scenic beauty

In this article , we share our visit experience to Ghati Subramanya temple , about 50 kms from Bengaluru city center.

Highlights of this spot
  • Believed to be more than 600 years old - Dravidian  type architecture
  • In the midst of Ghats section surrounded by lush green scenic spots and hills.
  • Idols of Lord Subramanya , Narasimha together in opposite directions believed to be Udbhava / self originated idols
  • A unique of its kind - of taking darshan of Narasimha idol through a mirror placed behind Subramanya Idol
  • Anna Dasoha - Free lunch program to all devotees
  • Main attraction for devotees seeking blessings for new child or partner visit here

It was a Sunday noon when we reached this spot after covering Chikka madure temple. It was about 11.45 AM when we reached the spot . We took the doddaballapura road diversion towards Ghati.Though from name of place , we expected Ghats section , however the roads were level - except at a railway crossing where we had to stop for few minutes.

At the spot , we noticed a busy temple area with devotees all around . There was also a Sunday fare going on adding to more local visitors. We noticed the temple main gopuram and were shocked to see the long queue tailing for darshan even outside the temple. Hence we took the special darshan ticket of Rs.50 - guess what we got in another big long queue taking turns inside the temple , standing in queue for another 90 minutes before we reached the main sanctum. May be we visited at peak time. Cucumbers sold inside the waiting area was a good time pass snack.

A Dwajastambha coated with brass was consecrated in front of the temple sanctum. On entering the temple sanctum - we took darshan of Subramanya under Adishesha , behind which Narasimha idol could be seen through a mirror. The panchamrutha used for abhishekam was given as prasadam. Other attractions include idols of Lakshmi , Ganesha , Anjaneya , Photos depicting subramanya avatars 

Behind the temple is a park where hundreds of Naga Stones is consecrated. It is believed devotees wishing for a new child or partner visit this spot and pray for blessings. There is ample space for parking . Temple is open between 6 AM  till night 8.30 PM.

While we drove back , we visited the Dam nearby - took the other path where we could experience Ghats section similar curvy roads , enjoyed the ride . Overall an awesome spot to visit with family and friends . Do visit this spot and share your experience.