Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Swamy temple - a fabulous spot

In this article , we share our awesome experience of our visit to Mudukuthore near Talakad about 125 kms from Bengaluru

Highlights of this spot
  • Mudukuthore in kannada means to turn and flow. 
  • River kaveri takes a turn at this spot and flows towards Srirangpatna
  • Lord shiva in form of Shivalinga is worshipped here as Mallikarjuneshwara
  • Believed to be consecrated by  Arjuna of Pandavas and hence named Mallikarjuna
  • One of the pancha lingeshwaras of Talakadu
  • Temple is on hill top above 200 feet 

We headed to this spot from Bengaluru on a Saturday weekend taking the Kanakapura , Malavalli high way towards talakadu . After covering 2 and half kms - we took the diversion towards Talakadu road . Roads though narrow had new tar applied and we could cruise through them on top gear. At the dead end of this road , we noticed a small mantap and direction indicator towards mudukothore mallikarjuna temple.

On reaching temple premises , it seemed some weekend fare was on and people were just kicking in for temple darshan. Temple was on a hill top which could be around 200 feet , There were two ways to climb - either take the stairs or take a round over vehicle for 500m and cover half of the stairs. We parked our vehicle here.

Soon we started climbing the stairs - taking darshan of Kalabaireshwara Idol , stairs were covered with sheds , so it was cool and we reached on-top in 15 minutes . Sanctums of Shivalinga , Deepastambha , Bharamarambha Devi were noticed. Temple construction resembled Dravidian style though recently renovated. We took darshan of shivalinga - environment was calm and we felt blessed.  The views from temple Gopuram doors was awesome.

The surrounding scenic nature , kaveri river flow views was mesmerizing . 

Devotees from surrounding villages visit this spot occasionally  , take a holy dip in the kaveri river , perform pooja , prepare a barbeque lunch on the river side spending their day out.

One may take a coracle ride on the kaveri river and reach a resort on the other side of river bank. After playing on kaveri river , our team headed further towards Talakadu road onto BR hills.

Overall an awesome spot to visit with family , friends group and spend a day out package on a weekend. Do visit this spot and share your experience.