Garuda temple , Koladevi - weekend devotional destinations

In this article on weekend devotional destinations , we cover one of the unique temples in Karnataka , the Garuda temple at Koladevi near Mulbagilu about 120 kms from Bengaluru


  • As displayed at temple - During Ramayana , when Ravana in his pushpakavimana was carrying Sita to his Lanka , Jatayu , the vulture which was flying on the way attacked Ravana in an attempt to save Sita . Ravana fought against Jatayu , cut its wings and moved further towards Lanka. Helpless Jatayu started descending towards ground into the forest chanting Rama name . Later when Rama in search of Sita , while passing through found Jatayu , came to know about the incident. Jatayu without caring about its life , pleaded Rama to move faster and save Sita from Ravana and finally passed away at Rama
  • Deity Garuda is believed as next form of Jatayu in kaliyuga . 
  • Its believed during Mahabharatha, during Pandavas exile , Arjuna hit a weapon which lit the forest with fire , many animals including Sarpa (Snake) and its family were burnt to death , following which Arjuna had to suffer from Sarpa Dosha. Later its beleived Arjuna performed Garuda pooja and cleared Sarpa dosha . Vulture usually hunts Snakes which in mythology is considered to carry forward similar opinion.

Special poojas are conducted here during every Full moon day (Hunnime / Poornima) . Devotees who believe to relieve of Sarpa dosha perform pooja here. Temple committee arrange free prasadam , lunch every day.

Temple is open from morning till evening.  Temple priest may be reached on mobile number 9900581401 for Poojas and programs.

On a rush day , parking may be a problem here as temple is inside a village having narrow roads . Overall a good spot to enjoy with family and friends. Do visit this spot and share us your experience.