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About Belaguru temple

  • Belaguru is a small village in Hosadurga district , Karnataka about 200 kms from Bangalore
  • It is known for popular diety worshipped here - Veera Prathapa Anjaneya (Hanuman)
  • Temple Idol is believed to be installed by Sage Vyaasaraja about more than 750 years ago
  • Temple has 2 sanctums . Main sanctum has idol of about 3 to 4 feet.
  • Surronding the main temple  are newly constructed sanctums for Shiva , Devi , Shanmuga etc

Belaguru Veera Prathapa Anjaneya Temple 2


 About Sri Ramadhutha Bindhu  Madhava Sadhguru

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  • Popularly known as Avadhootaru , was a great devotee of Hanuman
  • He was known to have attained without any formal education Vedas and Upanishads through spiritual enlightment
  • He initiated the Akshaya Patra program at temple where free lunch is served for all devotees everyday
  • Many devotees used to met him to seek solution for their problems which he used to solve through his miracle spiritual knowledge. 
  • His preaching on  need for guru , life's purpose are popular
  • He used to sing bajans and songs on Hanuman. Some of his songs can be listened here
  • He recently took heavenly abode in 2020.

 Temple complex has a Mantapa where arrangements are made for devotees stay , conduct programs and special functions. On every poornima day , homas are conducted serving food for thousands.

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Behind the temple is a nice view lake . Temple is open on all days for darshan in the morning between 7 to 12 AM and evening between 5.30 to 7.30 PM. Do visit this spot with your family and friends , share us your experience.