Hattilakkamma Temple , Yediyur - Weekend destinations

About Hattilakamma Temple

  • At Yediyur , Kunigal Taluk - Karnataka  about 100 kms from Bangalore
  • Believed to be consecrated about 1800 years ago
  • Main diety in form of goddess Lakshmi worshiped here. Also the village main temple known as Ammanahatti , meaning the Hut of the Mother.
  • Special poojas conducted every Friday which is considered as auspicious for Lakshmi
  • Many devotees who are known to have Evil-eye (Kan Drushti) related problems believe by performing a pooja here by offering a set of Saree , Bangle , Coconut praying for blessings  their problems get solved
  • Also there is a unique custom followed by devotees - there is a ox yard where devotees pray in front of a ox and direct in their mind for ox to move , if the ox moves in the direction they had prayed its believed to solve their problems , else it may take further time.
  • Free lunch is served by temple authority on Tuesday and Fridays.
  • Temple is open for darshan daily between 8.30 AM to 7 PM . Do visit this spot , share us your experience.
    Hattilakkamma Temple , Front view


Hattilakkamma temple Gopuram

Hattilakkamma Temple Sanctum
Seeking Ox blessings