Republic day celebration ideas at Apartments , Societies

In India ,  26th January of every year is celebrated as Republic Day , one of the National Holiday. It was on this day Constitution of India also known as Bharathiya Samvidhan, which is one of the worlds largest constitution was formed in the year 1950 under the chairmanship of Bharath Ratna B.R.Ambedkar. 

Republic day celebration marks remembrance of our constitution , its principles , about government duties governance , law , citizen duties , rights. Special programs are conducted at capital Delhi , honorable  political leaders such as Presidents , Prime ministers , Kings of different countries are invited as special guests at this event with respects of parades from Army , Navy , Air force.  Special air shows , beautiful exhibits display show from different states of famous locations , personalities makes the event mesmeric.

Celebrated throughout the nation , republic day is one such event which is celebrated in every state , district and town in high spirits. Its the time for a get together event in many housing societies , where people meet and connect each other.

Here are few ideas to celebrate this event making a memorable one in apartments and societies displaying unity.

  • Flag Hoisting event - One of the foremost program is flowering to Bharath matha photo , Indian flag hoisting followed by singing of National Anthem . Let all proudly sing the anthem instead of record playing . Invite society leaders , Ward political leaders , famous personalities , all residents and children of society , ward workers at this event .  Spread the joy with a simple sweet distribution to all.  In some new societies - flag hoisting is done by senior citizens or children group followed by speech by main guests.
  • Cultural events - Arrange and Invite members for participation in cultural events such as Patriotic songs , Patriotic Skits , Dance to patriotic and cultural tunes , Poems , Knowledge quiz , cultural dressing.
  • Simple Games - Organize fun games for all age groups like Musical chair , Hit the target with Ball , Blow the balloon etc 
  • Painting , Rangoli competition - Painting is always a all time favorite for any event for children . Display every painting in the society premises , Rangoli for ladies . Award with simple complementary gifts
  • Honor achievements , Work Staff  - Remember the contributions of society leaders , initiatives taken by residents towards well being , children academic and non academic achievements . Promote with a simple award.
Above activities may take around 2 to 3 hours of celebration. If planning an all day event merge with a lunch potluck . Do share your experience on how you celebrate republic day in your location.