Why new year resolutions are important , how to set and acheive it

In the month of December every year , it creates a feel to recap all events which occurred during that year . Its the time when we rewind our memories how we spent the year . Its the time which makes us realize how fast time passes by without stopping or turning back. Some pleasant memories may be preserved and cherished over coming years , while any unpleasant moments are meant to be forgotten , take a learning and move forward to the next year. 

Just like how every new day sets a way to aspire and achieve in the short term , the start of new year sets a way for new aspirations in long term. As per statistics average human life during 2020 is 75 years , which means every year we spend roughly 1.5% f our life. If we exclude the first 12 years where we were brought up as kids and still maturing and start entering to our prime where we reach the cognitive ability , we roughly start realizing every year is now 2% of our life. The current life what we are in is a outcome of our own decisions in past , which means our life status by the end of next year is influenced by the aspirations we set now , plan we set to meet and approach we take them to meet. Hence it always good to set new resolutions , make a action plan and follow the plan.

How to set new resolutions

  • Make a list of goals which you wish to achieve. Think of activities or goals which you always wished and is still pending to accomplish , goals achieving which makes you more happy and feel better.
  •  Categorize goals  into
  • Family goals - like vacation to a destination , upgrade furniture etc
  • Health goals- like sporting a 6 pack abs , weight control , naturopathy etc
  • Financial goals- like payback pending loans , buy a mutual fund etc
  • Personal goals - like take up a learning course , new cooking recipes etc
  • Society goals - like donating to charity , planting tree saplings in locality etc
  • Set a time priority based on how important it is to achieve the goal . For example , weight control may be very Important as its your health , while donating to charity may be less important . This helps to schedule at what time which goal to be taken up , close one by one . Remember - its all about how many goals we keep closing and get happier day by day , rather than overthinking about any future goal. 
  • Monitor the progress - Spend maximum 1 hour in a week for yourself to monitor the status of goals , if some tasks are getting delayed what factors in past led to it and how to overcome them in future. Reward yourself with a complement for each goal accomplished. This will help to reduce procrastination.

Remember only we are responsible for the current status of life we are in . Being happy and getting better is our choice and its only possible by making a progress towards our goals and likes everyday  makes us better and happy at all times.