BBMP Namma Bengaluru Sahaaya App

Bruhat Bengaluru MahaNagara Palike (BBMP) , the government administrative body of Bangalore metropolitan area is one of the largest administrative bodies in India , represents next level of government following the Central and State governments. Through its very well organized structure , it plays a major role towards maintenance &  development of Bengaluru coordinating with other government bodies , making our silicon city a great place to live.

BBMP promotes participation of citizens in its planning and development works through various programs. Now with its user friendly BBMP Sahaaya Portal and smart phone App , BBMP enables citizens with a control to bring to its notice and monitor on various problems / grievances faced in their surrounding , which it resolves with its structured team and transparent approach. 

BBMP Namma Bengaluru Sahaaya App
BBMP Sahaaya App portal


Through a simple registration process by entering Name , mobile number - users may get registered to portal bbmp.sahaaya.in . This portal is also accessible via BBMP app NammaBengaluru on app stores. Users can register grievances for various issues through this app which is then resolved by respective BBMP departments. Users get updates on when and how their complaints gets resolved with contact details of BBMP staff.

In this article , we share the list of various categories which BBMP facilitates to solve citizen grievances through its BBMP Sahaaya App.

On Road Maintenance

  • Pot Holes
  • Foot path
  • Foot path encroachment
  • Debris Removal / Construction Material
  • Road cutting
  • Waste Stagnation
  • Road side drains
  • Overhanging cables
  • Water Leakage on road

On Garbage Management

  • Burning of garbage in open space
  • Public dust bins not cleaned
  • Garbage dump
  • Garbage vehicle not arrived
  • Sweeping not done
  • Dead animals
  • Segregation of waste is not done
  • Garbage nuisance while transporting
  • Garbage dumping in vacant sites
  • Complaint against SW collector / SWM official / violation of SWM rules
  • Garbage transfer not as per norms and area not kept clean 

On Public Toilets and Sanitation

  • No electricity  in public toilets
  • No water supply in public toilets
  • Public toilets blockages
  • Public toilets cleaning
  • Urination in public / open defecation

On Electrical works

  • Street light not working
  • Park Lights not working
  • Street Lights switched on during day time
  • Open Electrical junction box
  • Earthing issue related to Electric poles / Panel Boards
  • Requirement for new street lights

On Health Management

  • Increase in mosquito density
  • Spraying
  • Fogging
  • Delay in issue of Trade  License
  • Air / Noise pollution
  • Unhygienic premises in Hotel etc
  • Non availability of drugs
  • Non availability of vaccines
  • Unavailability of staff
  • Unhygienic premises in hospital
  • Birth and Death Registration

Revenue Department

  • Khatha Services (Registration , Transfer , Bifurcation , Amalgamation)
  • Discrepancy in Khatha certificate and khatha extract
  • Unable to generate the receipt after property tax payment
  • Unable to generate the property tax challan

Animal Control

  • Animal birth control / neutering of stray dogs
  • Anti rabies vaccination of stray dogs
  • Stray / Rabid dog bite
  • Stray cattle menace
  • Stray pig menace
  • Stray dog menace
  • Pet dog license
  • Mutton / Chicken / fish stall unhygienic maintenance


  • Obstruction branches / trees
  • Removal of dead / fallen trees
  • Issues related to Snakes / Birds / Monkeys

Town Planning

  • Delay in issuing building permit
  • Noise during Building construction
  • Construction not done as per approved plan (Bye Law violations )

Parks and Playground

  • Issue related to Parks / Medians / Circles / Island
  • Gym / Children play equipment in the parks
  • Environmental protection
  • Play grounds related


  • Lake fencing damaged
  • Sewage inflow to lake
  • Lake not maintained properly
  • Dumping of construction and demolition waste to lake
  • Lake water misused
  • Insufficient lake security personnel
  • Dumping of garbage into lake
  • Lake gates are not opened as per the prescribed timing
  • Dying of fishes in lake
  • Lake being encroached

Welfare schemes

  • Issues regarding SC / ST schemes
  • Schemes related to physically disabled person 
  • Senior citizen
  • Women Welfare Program
  • Single House / Onti mane
  • Schemes related to Below Poverty Line
  • Schemes related to Transgender 


  • Encroachment
  • BBMP properties lease issues
  • Violation of rules by property leasers
  • Payment / Rent issues


  • Flex and Banners
  • Unsafe Hoardings


  • Garbage in market premises
  • Trade License
  • Rent Payment
  • Payment issues
  • Illegal parking
  • Encroachment
  • Violation of rules by shop rent / Leaser


  • Infrastructure related issues
  • Academic issues
  • Examination related issues
  • Sports and co-curricular activities
  • Parent Teachers meeting

 Storm Water Drain 

  • Garbage thrown in storm water drain
  • Sewerage water left in SWD
  • Maintenance of SWD

Optical Fiber cables

  • Digging of road without permission
  • Improper termination of OFC
  • Overcharging
  • Stock not available
  • Some other person affected from COVID
  • Government regulations not being followed

We hope this is useful for Bengaluru citizens to bring forward to BBMP notice any issues and take part in the development and maintenance of their localities. Do share with us your experience in the comments section if you have taken part in such administration and helped  BBMP resolve issues at your localities.  

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