Dont throw away wet waste , Turn it into money using this Biogas solution

Most of us throw away household daily waste thinking it is of no use. We segregate the waste into wet waste , dry waste and at early morning eager to dump it through the BBMP garbage collection vehicles paying a nominal monthly service charge. Imagine if we have some kind of  equipment similar to a washing machine at home , where we dump the waste and not only gives us some useful product for use , but also pay us money out of it , would we be interested to use it.  Yes , in this article we share one such waste management solution from Mr.Ravi Kumar of Harith Avani Technologies , Bangalore.

About the solution creators 


Mr.Ravi with a professional experience of more than 2 decades in the field of green energy and renewable sources has a wide knowledge experience through Indian Institute of Science , Tata Energy Services , is continuously involved in the research and development of new renewable energy solutions saving natural resources - is the main lead behind this solution.

Mr.Kiran from Harith Avani technologies shares with us about their Urban waste management bio-gas solution as below

How does the solution benefit 

In simple it turns your waste to a no-waste product and also pays you back. A 2kg of wet waste daily fed to the system , starts giving a output after 4 weeks of up-to 250 liters of natural methane gas and 1 litre of organics which may be used as fertilizer.  This gas output for example - can be used in a gas stove to cook food for 45 minutes or any purpose, in larger plants it may be used to generate electricity also. Fertilizer can either be used for garden as gober or can be sold generating a pay back. Thus enabling an efficient self management of waste.

Where can this solution be used 

In any residential house , apartments , hotels , big industries etc . Solution can be customized to suit based on waste input volume

How much space does the solution occupy

For a simple residential plant , it occupies the space of a 250 liters tank which may be placed at terrace or any open area outside.

Does it generate any foul smell

No , solution is completely bad odor free as any waste is covered with Air-tight containers . Also the gas is not compressed , hence it is much safer.


What is the the investment , operating and maintenance cost

Zero or no electricity is required to run the plant . One time investment cost for solution  offered from Rs.25,000 with a 20 years lifetime warranty with very less maintenance. Options available to purchase in installments.

Those interested in exploring this useful solution may reach out Mr.Ravi Kumar / Mr.Kiran on  8892632742 and collect more details.

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