Puneeth RajKumar Yuvarathna Kannada movie - take away thoughts

When someone watches a movie , they may get influenced by the movie theme, characters , thoughts expressed , the theme of movie , message it conveys , technology behind it , story line etc . Even after watching the movie they register some part of the movie which they remember in their daily life.  

In this article , we cover Kannada superstar Puneeth RajKumar starred Yuvarathna movie , some of the thoughts fans may take away from this movie.

  • Education is not a business , its a Service 

Throughout the movie the theme says Education which is given for a student for the purpose of getting a degree is business , education given to a student  for purpose of knowledge is a noble service. 

  • Don't get addicted to bad habits 

Movie shows how miscreants for their own benefit try to cultivate bad habits like drug addicts , smoking , drinking etc during a student life with bad company , en-cashing their helplessness. 

  • Always follow righteous path

Irrespective of any situation put into one who follows the righteous path always wins at last.  If you move away from what you are due to greed , you will experience temporary happiness , but carry a cheat image throughout life spoiling the value of your education

  • Work and Progress as a team not as Silos

When needed all members should unite and work as team to reach the final goal rather than silos with ego. Meeting the organization objective is  more important when faced with challenges feeling proud about the organization progress.

  • Give back to society which brought you up

Once one reaches some good position in society , they should not forget the roots from where they are built up and should develop those roots by giving back to society in the possible way we can

  • Believe only after proper assessment

When faced with any criticism , don't take immediate decisions. Evaluate and assess the truth by taking some time and then take a decision. In anger , decisions should not be taken

  • Don't underestimate anybody passion

Every student has a passion towards some interest. Parents and teachers should find such interests and promote that passion in student which will be good for student and society rather than imposing their interests on the student.

  • Fight for what is good for society
If any step taken is going to help the society in general as a whole , one should uplift that idea and fight for it irrespective of any hurdles and criticism faced.

If you find these are interesting to you , then you must watch this nice movie once to experience yourself. Do share your comments.