COVID Vaccine - when to take second dose COVAXIN / COVISHIELD / Sputnik V

In India , those who have taken their 1st dose of vaccine may be wondering when to take the 2nd dose . Following government regulations and stock availability it is observed the 2nd dose date keeps varying and some may loose track .

As per government guidelines as of May21 -

  • 2nd dose of COVAXIN to be taken between 28 days to 42 days of 1st dose
  • 2nd dose of COVISHIELD to be taken between 84 days to 112 days of 1st dose
  • 2nd dose of Sputnik V to be taken between 21 days to 90 days of 1st dose

This can be easily tracked on cowin.gov.in website by entering registered mobile number as briefed below.

Step 1 :  Open cowin.gov.in website , enter your registered mobile number and login by entering the OTP.

Step 2 :  After login , under account details - if only one dose of vaccine is taken . Status will be displayed as 'Partially Vaccinated' and on the right the number of days due for the next dose gets is displayed . Also below the status - the due date and last date is displayed .

So next dose vaccine to be taken preferably this Due date and Last dates -

In above example note the days left for dose 2 , due date and last date highlighted in red.

This information is also present in the provisional certificate -