Dial Namma 112 emergency helpline and App

Earlier , one had to reach out separate helpline numbers to Police and fire station services. Since last year , these emergency helplines got merged into single helpline number 112 with active social profiles.

Dial 112 or Namma 112 is the official toll free emergency helpline number to reach out to Bengaluru Police and Fire Station Services. Below is the list of services available under this helpline.

  • Crime
  • Violence
  • Accidents
  • Cyber crime
  • Eve teasing
  • Robbery
  • Fire Emergency 
  • Any suspicious activities in the neighborhood
  • Any other distress / emergencies

On logging a call , the assessment team connects to the respective team in charge , forwards the request to nearest Hoysala services who reach at the scene , provide solution and further investigation as needed.

There is also an app 112 India  using which emergency assistance from Police , Fire Station , Medical and other distress help can be requested.  On downloading the app , a user profile has to be created entering basic details . Anybody wishing to volunteer to assist during emergency service can register on the app.

In any emergency situation , person in distress may seek assistance of local emergency delivery departments and volunteers through this app. It sends details of the person registered with location info and emergency contacts registered in app with a auto generated call to control room. Also forwards the emergency alert to the nearest volunteers registered on the app. Volunteers can share consent to help in which case their photo and contact number also will get shared to the person in distress.

Dial Namma 112 emergency helpline

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Image courtesy : Bangalore Police . Follow latest updates from Bengaluru police on https://twitter.com/BlrCityPolice