How to inquire forgotten luggage from BMTC using bus ticket

If you have traveled by BMTC bus and forgot to pick your luggage while getting off the bus and wondering whom to contact and trace ,  this article will help you to inquire it out.

Mrs.Anjali , resident of Bengaluru shares her interesting story recently on how she took help of BMTC staff on a luggage item she had by mistake left on the bus.  She had purchased a box of plants at the Bengaluru International Airport and took the Vaayu Vajra bus for a drop off at Marathahalli . After having a relaxed bus flight and getting  off at the drop point , she realized to have forgotten to pick the plants box from bus . To her bad luck it was late and the bus had already passed off the junction by the time she realized it. 

Thanks to her presence of mind , she first kept her bus ticket safely , took a picture of it ,  and started finding out ways to reach out to BMTC for assistance through it and finally made it to get the luggage through excellent support from BMTC.

How to inquire forgotten luggage from BMTC using bus ticket

Here is how she managed to track and get her luggage

  • She closely examined the bus ticket .  It had below details
    • Bus Depot number
    • Ticket number 
    • Date and Time
    • From and to destination
    • Ticket fare
    • Bus registration number
  • With above information , she searched from internet , got the BMTC Depot contact number from opencity.in website and reached out to the Depot staff. 
  • Depot staff collected the ticket details picture over whatsapp , confirmed that once the bus reaches depot , they will check for the luggage and keep it safe to be collected
  • Next morning she collected the luggage at depot and thanked the staff for their prompt service.

Many of us may have not come across above situation and may have disposed the tickets immediately after getting off the vehicle or sometimes even when inside !  It is always a wise idea to keep the bus tickets or any other travel tickets safe for a day or two which comes in handy during situations like these . Every travel ticket helps to find the vehicle , source from where it departed , destination where it is headed to and the current location of the vehicle through means of concerned department.

So next time when traveling , its wise to take a picture of the ticket using mobile as backup . If you are one among those who forget frequently and worried about loosing the mobile too , share it with your known contact !