7 home garden maintenance effective sprinkle best practices

During climate changes , usually plants are affected by few insects and diseases. Its a challenge to maintain these plants during these conditions. This article provides tips on how to maintain plants and pesticides in such conditions

Firstly , it is better to use crop pesticide for garden plants also . Its more effective and also environment friendly. Secondly , while sprinkling medicines there are few techniques . Following these , pests and insects can be easily get ridden off . Also these methods help in saving the medicine content for future use.

1. Sprinkle pesticides or medicine solutions only during the evening time as the activity of pests and inspects will be more at this time.
2. Before sprinkling check the direction of wind to avoid wastage during sprinkle. During less or no wind conditions , sprinkle is more effective
3. During rainy season or when its raining its not recommended to sprinkle pesticides as it may wash out with rain and less effective
4. For some pesticides it may be required to mix with water . Right composition of water is very important , else it will affect plants
5. There should be a gap between each sprinkle for at-least 2 weeks . Frequently sprinkling may not be effective wasting pesticides and also affecting plants 

7 home garden maintenance effective sprinkle best practices

6. It is better to use natural methods for treating insects such as growing insect distracting plants such as Marigold , Yellow color flower plants etc . Growing such diverse plants will reduce insect impact
7. If its needed to mix chemicals , prepare those at home itself following the procedures and apply immediately. Do not keep it stored for long time as it may loose its composition power. Preparing at home also helps is reducing cost compared to buying it from outside.