Why and how should food be chewed slowly the right way

"Have food slowly , why are you rushing and eating so fast , if you eat this way you will not enjoy the taste and also not recognize what you have eaten. So you are getting obese". We have may heard these words from our parents and elders many times when we are having food in a hurry.  Not only elders now even dieticians , nutritionists also share similar advise for those consulting them for weight loss , Indigestion and Gastric specific cases.

When food is consumed without proper chewing , few big particles of food may enter the big intestine and increase the activity of bacteria causing uneasiness such as Ingestion , Gastric , Loose Motion , Stomach pains etc . Even problems such as constipation also increase if food is not chewed properly. Experts say it also may result in increased body weight. Food should be consumed slowly, should be  chewed properly . Having food slowly enjoying the taste , its color  , till full satisfaction. Just when stomach is sufficiently filled , letting some space is good for digestion and involvement in regular work activities

Advantages of chewing food well

* Our digestion system usually consumes lot of energy . Chewing food properly helps in reducing this energy to break items in the digestion process and will be always more active
* Usually it nay take around 20 minutes to indicate the brain that our stomach is full. By chewing properly this signal is still sent faster , thus we end up eating little less than usual which is sufficient for the body operations. Hence this eliminates chances of being over weight , Sweet urine diseases.
* When chewing food more , it mixes well with Saliva juice inside our mouth , making passage to the food tract quite easily and aids digestion process , preserving energy
* It aids strength to teeth bones and gums. When Saliva juice extraction is more it prevents growth of Lyzozime bacteria. The Nitric oxide content in it has Antiseptic qualities
* Did you know by eating slowly we will be having sufficient food. While having faster , we may end up eating more.

Why and how should food be chewed slowly the right way


How to chew food the right way

* Instead of having a full fist , breakdown into small pieces and chew it slowly
* Food items such as vegetables and fruits have to be chewed at-least 8 to 10 times. While hard food items have to be chewed 25 to 30 times
* After chewing swallow slowly and only after swallowing is complete have the next piece of food. This keeps the digestion smooth.
* Spend at-least 20 to 25 minutes for having food.
* Its better to avoid watching TV , mobiles , news paper etc while having food. This helps to focus on food and enjoy its ingredients and taste
* By having a properly chewed food , one shall have a healthy life.