How wife may handle husband feelings during pregnancy

He is happy that he is now becoming a father . He anticipates the joy of entering a new phase of his life as father. But at times during the waiting period of 9 months feels being deprived of the separation . After turning pregnant she is not as earlier , she is not showing the same interest as earlier , she is not at all caring him are some of the thoughts running in his mind. There may be mood swings , it may be difficult for her to manage her own changing body . She used to wait for him to reach home , used to make phone calls or message throughout the day , used to take care on returning home after a long working day. Is it she now who has changed so much is his worry inside. But she could be in such a stage where it may be little difficult to have the same energy as earlier. Few research indicate it may be at this stage where husbands may be more worried and sometime depressed taking wrong steps. Its said 1 out of 10 husbands experience these thoughts.

Why is it so ?

During pregnancy there may be hormonal and physical changes in her body which may also have a physiological impact. She may be physically away from him and the sexual life may be at a stop for long time which may be one of the reason for such thoughts in him. Usually men do not express their feelings openly . She may think after a child birth it may create a feeling of insecurity in them. Whether he is not ready to accept the fact that her wife will have her top priority at this time. All such thoughts , may make mind shift towards such thoughts.

How women may handle husband feelings during pregnancy

What role wife may play at this time ?

There are few aspects wife can think of at these times.  Consulting her personal doctor advise may be taken on whether they can continue their sexual life for some time . Respect the thoughts and feelings of her husband at this time. Try to make attempts to relax him at regular times offloading him of the outside work pressure. A sweet hug will just be sufficient which may make wonders in releasing their stress. Similar to how she thinks and anticipates the future surprises about her child she may talk to him and understand his feelings and thoughts about his child and discuss together.

Have you also experienced and dealt with such situations . Do share your experience.