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How effective communication helps to better love relationship

If any relationship has to be strong , there is a need of good communication between the couple. It is not just spoken communication or only speaking about the wants or just speaking to each other together. There are multiple ways for effective communication in relationship

Healthy communication

In some couples communication will be more limited to yelling at each other , blaming about each other faults . This is not treated as a healthy communication and one should come out of the negative thoughts in others while communicating. If some negative aspect has to be discussed , it may be shared in a more assertive way or by communicating how the partners behavior is affecting ones mind

Start with a gratitude

Never treat your partner as taken for granted and just because its your partner it does not mean anything can be spoken outwardly. Keep complimenting about their smile , behavior , achievements , dressing beauty and similar such attributes. These communication not only bring in good moods but also lifts up the energy for new attractive two way communication

Listen first

Listening is an art . Listen carefully to your partner . It creates a feeling that you are involved and respect what they are saying and creates a feel of security. This helps in more engaged communication . The more you listen , the more your partner will be ready to open up and share thoughts getting your relationship stronger

How effective communication helps to better love relationship

Express Love

When there is something you cant express with words express it with a touch of love.  Remember those initial days when just a gaze or a touch of your partner brought happiness . Keep it up all the times even after years of relationship. 

Try out these simple effective communication tips and find yourself how it creates wonders in your love relationship with your partner. Do share your comments.