Bande Mahakaali temple , a divine destination in Bengaluru

In this post , we share our visit experience to Bande MahaKaali temple in Kempegowda nagar , Bengaluru about 5 km from city center.

About Bande Mahakaali temple

  • Word Bande in Kannada means - Rock . As the Idol has originated from the rock , hence the name Bande Mahakaali
  • One of the ancient temples of Bengaluru dating since 15th century with more than 500 years history.
  • Goddess Parvathi in the form of Maha Kaali is the main deity
  • One of the watch towers consecrated by founder of Bengaluru Sri.Kempegowda is adjacent to this temple
  • Adjacent to Kempambudhi Lake , which was once the only water source for Bengaluru


As per the history of this temple ,  it is believed the ancestors of current priest community during the 15th century Smt.Nanjamma  when passing through the rocks , once heard a voice to worship the deity. Unknown of the location , when she discussed with the villagers , they explored and surprisingly found this idol carved out of the rock which was then worshiped as Maha Kaali.  Today at the temple is an approximate 3 feet monolithic rock idol inviting devotees all around the city.

Situated in almost one of the centers of the city Kempegowda Nagar , access to this temple is easy as its a well known destination. There is ample parking facility . We visited during Saturday during noon , there was very less crowd and got darshan immediately and parking was free. However on Tuesdays , Fridays , Sundays when the crowd is more during special poojas, parking is charged and special darshan entry fees options are available. 


As we entered the temple , we took darshan of the procession Idol and headed straight to the main sanctum . The approx 3 feet rock idol was mesmerizing and the spot was very calm . Usually Kaali is the form of Parvathi which is ferocious in display , however Idol here is unique resembling a smiling calm display. We took good darshan and headed to other small sanctums in the temple complex. 

The other sanctums include - 3 to 4 Procession or Utsav Idols , Ganesha , Karumaariamma , Nadumariamma , Munneshwara , Banni Mahakaali , Murugan . We took darshan of these sanctums . There was one place where if any body wants to get rid of Black magic related concerns performing Pooja. Most of these sanctums are consecrated on the rocks .  After taking Darshan, we had the free prasad which was very tasty. During special events , free lunch will be organized by the temple trust to devotees. Throughout the temple , photographs of various celebrities who have been visiting temple for many years  are posted.

Temple is open for darshan from morning 6 AM to evening 9 PM. Do visit this spot with family and friends and share your experience. Do not miss to visit the Kempegowda watch tower and kempambudhi lake which is just adjacent to the temple.