Paddle Boating at Historic Yediyur lake of Bengaluru

 In this post , we share our visit experience to one of the old lakes of Bengaluru with Historic importance. The Yediyur lake at Yediyur about 8 kms from city center. 

About Yediyur lake

  • Stretches about 10 acres
  • Paddle boating experience
  • Scenic Park for walking and recreations
  • Children's play area
  • House for many unique birds 

It is said this lake has an history of more than 1400 years and was earlier up-to 20 acres  and as time passed by with developments around is now 10 acres.  During the reign of Hoysala kings it was ruled since the ages of King Vishnuvardhana .  As per available records , in the year 1107 queen Shanthala devi used to visit here and stay in the mantap donating food to the needy . Later it has seen the reign of Chola Kings , Viajayanagara kings . Yediyur during those times was known for cultivation of gauvas , Raagi and Rice.  Gemstones were available here during those periods.

Paddle Boating at Historic Yediyur lake of Bengaluru 1


The lake as it exists now is a very well maintained lake by Bengaluru palike . Entry to the lake is free . Paddle boating recreation activity is available here at Rs.50 per adult for 30 minutes ride. All boats come with a roof cover . The facilities provided are safe with safety jackets for paddle boating visitors.  There is a small bund island in the middle of lake.  A great way to enjoy boating around watching the birds and experience the relaxing nature. 

Paddle Boating at Historic Yediyur lake of Bengaluru 2


As per the records here , the lake is a house of many birds such as Western wagtail , Shikra , Oriental magpie robin , Common Kestrel , Greenshank , Weavers bird , Paddyfield pipit , Purple sunbird , Fantail flycatcher , Ashy crowned Sparrow lark , Common Sndpiper , Copper Smith Bar bet , White Ibis , Common Babbler , Stone chat , Black Ibis , White cheeked Barbet , Jungle Myna , Common Myna , Tailor Bird , Drongo , Laughing dove , Godwit , Little ring plover , Asian Paradise Flycatcher , Bush lark , Little cormorant , Orientel white eye , Darter , Grey bullied cuckoo etc . During our visit in the noon , we spotted few of these


Paddle Boating at Historic Yediyur lake of Bengaluru 3

Paddle Boating at Historic Yediyur lake of Bengaluru 4

Lake is open for visits from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM.  Best time is to visit in the evening to enjoy the relaxing weather on lake waters amid the setting sun . Do visit this spot with your family and friends and share your experience.