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Single Sign-on (SSO) web portal is a e-authentication service from Government of Karnataka center for e-governance which is used by various government scheme websites and portals to authenticate the user/citizen online for various government schemes. 

About SSO citizen Karnataka registration

  • A single account to login and utilize many government schemes in Karnataka
  • Linked to Aadhaar number , which is mandatory for SSO account
  • On successful registration a userID and password is created for SSO. 
  • This userID and password is used to login for various government schemes 
  • The Name , address , contact number , Email ID registered under this account are used as reference to reach out to the user by respective schemes

Some of the State , PSU , Private and Central government online services  which use single sign-on are - Citizen Centric Portal , E-Lost , E-Sahamathi , GramaOne Development , Kutumbha , Lokayuktha development , Seva Sindhu , Sanjeevini , Public Grievance Redressal etc.

How to create a Single Sign-on citizen online account

  • User may keep the Aadhar number and the mobile number to which Aadhaar is linked ready
  • Visit the site https://sso.karnataka.gov.in
  • Select the option Create a New account 
  • Enter the Aadhaar number , an OTP will be generated to authenticate the user 
  • After entering the OTP and successful validation , user details are retrieved from Aadhaar database
  • Select a username and password for the SSO account , preview the contact details and other information in the form and submit the request
  • A OTP will be generated by SSO to authenticate the mobile number. On successful validation , SSO account is created and user is logged in 
  • User will now be able to login to any government scheme web portals listed above using this single login.
Single Sing-on Karnataka E-governance portal

Single Sing-on Karnataka E-governance portal 2

In the web portal , there are options for the user to view and edit profile , change their login password , links to various government schemes . This option is very useful to citizens to just remember one login and make use of it for various government services.