Road King Kannada movie songs

Road King is a Kannada movie that has been released on June 23, 2023. The movie stars Mateen Hussain, Rukshar Dhillon, Rizwan Ulla, and Bhuvan Raj in the lead roles, and is directed by Randy Kent, a Hollywood filmmaker who has directed the movie through video conferencing. Road King is produced by Pentagon Productions and has music by Sagar Gururaj. The movie is set in Bengaluru, where a young man’s passion for bikes and love for a girl leads him to a series of adventures.

Reasons to Watch Road King

Road King is a movie that blends romance, comedy, and drama genres in a light-hearted way. The movie revolves around the life of Arjun (Mateen Hussain), an MBA graduate who loves to modify and sell second-hand bikes. He meets Manasa (Rukshar Dhillon), a college student who supports his dreams and falls in love with him. However, their relationship faces hurdles when Manasa’s family disapproves of Arjun’s profession and arranges her marriage with another guy. Arjun also has to deal with his ex-girlfriend Riya (Nayana Shetty), who tries to sabotage his love life.

Road King is a movie that will entertain you with its fun and quirky characters, witty dialogues, and catchy songs. Mateen Hussain delivers a charming performance as the carefree and passionate Arjun, who faces many challenges and hardships in his life. Rukshar Dhillon impresses as the sweet and supportive Manasa, who stands by Arjun’s side through thick and thin. Rizwan Ulla plays the role of Arjun’s best friend and partner in crime, who provides comic relief with his antics. Bhuvan Raj plays the role of Manasa’s fiance, who has a hidden agenda.

The movie also features some stunning visuals that capture the beauty and culture of Bengaluru.

Lessons from Road King

Road King is not just an entertaining movie, but also a movie that conveys some important messages and lessons for the audience. The movie highlights the importance of following one’s passion and dreams, regardless of the obstacles and oppositions. It also showcases the value of friendship, loyalty, and honesty in one’s life. It depicts how Arjun and Manasa overcome their difficulties and differences together with courage and faith. It also shows how Arjun’s passion for bikes helps him to achieve his goals and win his love.

Road King Kannada movie songs

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