Salmon Kannada movie songs

Salmon is a Romantic Suspense Thriller That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat , directed by Shalil Kallur and features playback singer Vijay Yesudas, Jonita Doda, Rajiv Pillai, Tanvi Kishore and others in important roles¹. The movie belongs to the romantic suspense thriller genre and is made in 3D format. The movie was shot mainly in Kerala, Dubai and Malaysia.

Reasons to Watch Salmon

If you are looking for a movie that will keep you hooked with its gripping plot, stunning visuals and melodious songs, then Salmon is the perfect choice for you. Here are some reasons why you should watch this movie:

- The movie has a unique plot that revolves around Sarfarosh, his wife Sameera and their daughter Shazaan who are settled in Dubai. A murder happens at a party that spoils every dream, but a power that knows the truth is the only hope of Sarfarosh.
- The movie has a talented star cast that delivers impressive performances. Vijay Yesudas plays the role of Sarfarosh, a singer who gets involved in a murder mystery. Jonita Doda plays the role of Sameera, his wife who supports him throughout. Rajiv Pillai plays the role of a cop who investigates the case. Tanvi Kishore plays the role of Shazaan, their daughter who has a special gift¹.
- The movie has a catchy soundtrack that adds to the mood and atmosphere of the movie. The movie has four songs composed by Sreejith Edavana and sung by various artists. The song "Preethi Nan Kaviye" is a romantic duet that expresses the love between Vijay Yesudas and Jonita Doda's characters. 

- The movie has a thrilling trailer that gives a glimpse of the suspense and action that awaits the viewers. The trailer shows some scenes of the murder, the investigation, the chase, the climax and the 3D effects.

Lessons from Salmon

Salmon is not just an entertaining movie, but also a movie that teaches some valuable lessons to the viewers. Here are some lessons that you can learn from this movie:

- Trust is one of the most important things in life. The movie shows how Sarfarosh trusts his wife Sameera and his daughter Shazaan, even when he is accused of a crime he did not commit. The movie also shows how trust can help you overcome any challenge or difficulty.
- Truth is stronger than lies. The movie shows how Sarfarosh seeks the truth and fights against the lies that are spread about him. The movie also shows how truth can set you free from any bondage or fear.
- Love is not the absence of pain, but the ability to endure it. The movie shows how Sarfarosh loves his family and sacrifices everything for them. The movie also shows how love can heal any wound or hurt.

Salmon Kannada movie songs

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