Aura Kannada movie - trailer , songs , review

Aura is a Kannada movie directed by Ashwin Vijayamurthy and written by AR Rohit. It stars AR Rohit, Deepika Aradhya, Anand Ninasm, Sathya Raj, Sonia Krishnamurthy and others. The movie is a drama that revolves around the concept of aura, the invisible energy field that surrounds every living being.

Here are some reasons why you should watch Aura and what you can learn from it.

  • Aura is a movie that explores the power of aura and how it can affect one’s life, relationships, health and destiny. The movie shows how different people have different auras and how they can influence each other positively or negatively. The movie also shows how one can change their aura by changing their thoughts, emotions and actions.
  • Aura is a movie that showcases the talent of the young and upcoming actors and filmmakers of Kannada cinema. AR Rohit, who plays the lead role, is also the writer of the movie. He has previously acted in movies like Preethiya Amantrana and Harivadhyana. Deepika Aradhya, who plays the female lead, is a model and actress who has appeared in movies like Kalki and Bajarangi. Anand Ninasm, who plays the antagonist, is a theatre artist and actor who has worked in movies like Narasimha and Hanuman. Ashwin Vijayamurthy, who directs the movie, is a debutant who has assisted in movies like Pizza 3: The Mummy and Jana Gana Mana.
  • Aura is a movie that has a captivating trailer and a melodious music album. The trailer of the movie was released on YouTube on 27 July 2023 and has received over 1.8 million views and positive comments from the viewers. The trailer shows glimpses of the thrilling plot, the stunning visuals, the impressive performances and the intriguing dialogues of the movie. The music of the movie is composed by Girish Hothur, who has previously composed music for movies like King Of Kotha and Love All. The songs of the movie are sung by popular singers like Arundathi Hegde, Sangeetha Katti, Ajith Keshava, Pancham Jeevan and Aniruddha Sastry. The lyrics of the songs are written by Ajith Keshava, AR Rohit, Manu Devarahalli and Rakesh Jogi.

Some of the lessons that you can learn from Aura are:

  • You are not defined by your circumstances but by your choices. You have the power to create your own reality by choosing what you think, feel and do. You can overcome any challenge or obstacle by aligning your aura with your goals and dreams.
  • You are connected to everyone and everything around you. Your aura can affect and be affected by the aura of others. You can attract or repel people, situations and opportunities based on your aura. You can enhance your relationships, health and happiness by harmonizing your aura with others.
  • You are a unique and beautiful being with a purpose. Your aura reflects your personality, your strengths, your weaknesses, your passions and your potential. You can discover your true self by understanding your aura and expressing it authentically.
Aura Kannada movie - trailer , songs , review

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