Nimmellara Ashirvada Kannada movie - trailer , songs

Nimmellara Aashirvada is a Kannada comedy-drama movie written and directed by Ravikiran Bhat and stars Pratik Shetty, Aravind Bolar, Payal Radhakrishna, Govinde Gowda and Gururaj Shetty in the lead roles. The movie revolves around the life of a small-time cop who faces a dilemma in his personal and professional life. Here are some reasons why you should watch this movie and what you can learn from it.

A Simple and Relatable Story

The movie tells the story of Aashirvad (Pratik Shetty), a police officer who chose his profession as per the wishes of his family. He is happy and content with his job, solving petty cases in his village called Katapadi. However, his life takes a turn when he discovers that the girl he loves, Swathi (Payal Radhakrishna), fell for him for his profession and not for him. He feels betrayed and hurt by this revelation and starts to question his purpose and identity.

The movie portrays the struggles and dilemmas of a common man who tries to balance his personal and professional life. It shows how one’s career choice can affect one’s relationships and self-esteem. It also shows how one can overcome such challenges with courage and honesty.

A Mix of Comedy and Drama

The movie has a good balance of comedy and drama, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout. The movie has some hilarious scenes involving Aashirvad’s colleagues, Aravind Bolar and Govinde Gowda, who provide comic relief with their witty dialogues and expressions. The movie also has some emotional scenes that touch the heart of the viewers, such as Aashirvad’s confrontation with Swathi, his conversation with his parents, and his realization of his true calling.

The movie blends humor and sentiment in a seamless way, making the audience laugh and cry with the characters. The movie also has some catchy songs composed by Manikanth Kadri, such as ‘Rakshaka’, which add to the mood

Nimmellara Ashirvada Kannada movie - trailer , songs

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