Reasons to watch Damayana Kannada movie - songs,trailer

Damayana is a Kannada movie directed by Shreemukha, who also plays the lead role of Damodara, a social media addict who migrates from a village to the city for a better life. The movie also features Anagha, Akshay Revankar, Praneeth Ninasam and others in supporting roles. The movie is a comedy-drama that explores the journey of Damodara between his expectations and reality.

Reasons to watch watch Damayana

Entertaining and relatable: The movie is full of humorous situations and dialogues that will make you laugh and enjoy. The movie also portrays the challenges and struggles of a rural youth who tries to adapt to the urban lifestyle and culture. The movie is relatable to many people who have faced similar situations or have dreams of becoming famous overnight without putting in any effort.

Good performances: The movie showcases the talent of Shreemukha, who has made his debut as a director and actor. He has done a commendable job in portraying the character of Damodara, who is lazy, naive, optimistic and adventurous. He has also managed to bring out the emotions and expressions of the character well. The other actors, such as Anagha, Akshay Revankar and Praneeth Ninasam, have also delivered good performances and supported the story.

Melodious songs: The movie has some catchy and melodious songs that add to the mood and theme of the movie. The songs are composed by Raghavendra Kudva, who has also produced the movie.

Lessons from the movie:

The movie also has some valuable lessons that one can learn from Damodara's journey. Some of them are:

  - Don't be addicted to social media and lose touch with reality. Social media can be a useful tool for communication and entertainment, but it can also be a source of distraction and deception. One should use social media wisely and responsibly, and not let it affect their self-esteem or goals.
  - Don't run away from your problems or responsibilities. Damodara leaves his home and village in search of a better life, but he soon realizes that life in the city is not easy either. He faces many difficulties and challenges that test his patience and courage. He learns that running away from his problems or responsibilities is not a solution, but rather facing them with determination and honesty is.
  - Don't expect success without hard work or talent. Damodara dreams of becoming famous overnight without putting in any effort or having any talent. He believes that luck will favor him and he will achieve his ambition easily. However, he learns that success comes only to those who work hard and have some talent or skill. He realizes that he has to improve himself and his abilities if he wants to succeed in life.
  - Don't lose your identity or values in pursuit of fame or money. Damodara gets influenced by the glamour and glitz of the city life, and tries to imitate others who seem to be successful or popular. He forgets his roots and his values, and becomes arrogant and selfish. He loses his friends and family who care for him, and also his love interest who likes him for who he is. He learns that fame or money cannot buy happiness or respect, but only one's identity or values can.

Reasons to watch Damayana Kannada movie - songs,trailer

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