Namo Bhoothathma 2 Kannada movie - review , trailer , songs

Namo Bhoothathma 2 is a Kannada horror comedy film directed by Murali, who is a noted dance choreographer and also the director of the first installment, Namo Bhootatma, which was a remake of the Tamil film Yaamirukka Bayamey. The film stars Komal Kumar, Lekha Chandra, Govinde Gowda, Vaarrun Ravi and Monica Gowda in the lead roles. The film is an original concept that revolves around a team of pranksters who work for a TV channel and get into trouble after their prank with goons goes wrong. They flee to Chikmagalur to hide from them, but end up in a haunted homestay, where they encounter an evil entity. The film is a rollercoaster ride of laughter and suspense, with some twists and turns along the way.

The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who have praised the film for its comedy, horror and entertainment quotient. The film has also been appreciated for its originality and freshness, unlike many horror comedies that rely on cliches and stereotypes. The film has been praised for its balance between comedy and horror, without making the horror itself look like a comedy. The film has also been lauded for its technical aspects, such as the background score, cinematography and editing.

The film has many reasons to watch it, especially for the fans of horror comedy genre. Some of the reasons are:

  • Komal Kumar’s comic timing: Komal Kumar is the main attraction of the film, who anchors the film with his impeccable comic timing and expressions. He delivers hilarious dialogues and punches with ease and charm. He also showcases his versatility by playing different characters in the film, such as a woman, a ghost and a goon. He is well supported by Govinde Gowda, who plays his sidekick and partner in crime.
  • Murali’s direction: Murali, who is known for his dance prowess, proves his mettle as a director with this film. He has crafted a well-written and well-executed script that keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout. He has also managed to create a spooky and atmospheric setting in Chikmagalur, where most of the film takes place. He has also infused some emotional elements in the film, such as the backstory of the ghost and the climax of the film.
  • Horror elements: The film does not disappoint the horror fans, as it has some genuine scares and thrills in store. The film uses various elements of horror, such as jump scares, sound effects, creepy dolls, possessed objects and paranormal activities. The film also has some unexpected twists and revelations that add to the horror quotient. The film does not resort to gore or violence, but relies on psychological horror and suspense.
  • Message and lessons: The film also has a message and some lessons for the audience, apart from being a fun-filled entertainer. The film conveys the message that pranks can sometimes backfire and have serious consequences. The film also teaches some lessons about karma, forgiveness, friendship and love. The film shows how the pranksters learn from their mistakes and redeem themselves in the end.

Namo Bhoothathma 2 is a must-watch film for those who love horror comedy films. It is a perfect blend of humor and horror that will make you laugh and scream at the same time. It is a rare example of a sequel that surpasses its predecessor in terms of quality and entertainment. It is a film that will not only entertain you but also enlighten you with its message and lessons.

Namo Bhoothathma 2 Kannada movie - review , trailer , songs

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