Parishudham Kannada movie review , songs , trailer


Parishuddham, which means purification in Sanskrit, is a Kannada movie that depicts the horrifying and twisted journey of a serial killer who believes he is cleansing the society of its sins. The movie, which released on September 22, 2023, is directed by Karthik Venkatesh and stars Bhargav B.V, Archana Pillegowda, Sparsha Rekha, Dinesh Mangalore, and Bala Rajawadi in key roles.

The movie follows the killer (Bhargav B.V), who suffers from multiple psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has a strict code of conduct that he follows religiously, which involves killing people who violate the sanctity of marriage. He targets adulterers, divorcees, and homosexuals, and tortures them brutally before killing them. He also leaves behind clues and messages that taunt the police and challenge them to catch him.

The movie also introduces a team of police officers (Sparsha Rekha, Dinesh Mangalore, and Bala Rajawadi), who are assigned to solve the case and stop the killer. They are aided by a psychologist (Archana Pillegowda), who tries to understand the killer’s mind and motives. The movie takes the audience on a thrilling chase as the police try to track down the killer before he strikes again.

The movie is a gripping thriller that keeps the audience hooked and horrified till the end. The director has done an excellent job of creating a dark and disturbing atmosphere that suits the theme of the movie. The movie also showcases the brilliant performance of the lead actor, Bhargav B.V, who portrays the complex and conflicted character of the killer with finesse and intensity.

The movie also has some lessons to offer to the viewers. It shows how people can have different mental illnesses that affect their behavior and perception of reality. It also shows how people can have different moral values and beliefs that may clash with those of others. It also shows how obsession can lead to violence and destruction.

Parishuddham is a movie that deserves to be watched for its unique concept, engaging plot, and superb execution. It is a movie that will make you think and feel about the issues of morality and sanity. It is a movie that will scare you and shock you till the very end.

Parishudham Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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