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Aade nam god is a comedy-drama that revolves around four friends who believe that a goat can bring them luck and prosperity. The movie stars Nataraj Bhat, Anoop Shoonya, Manjunath Jambe, and Ajith Boppanahalli as the four friends, and Sarika Rao and B Suresha as supporting characters. The movie has been praised for its humorous and satirical take on superstition and blind faith.

Some of the reasons to watch the movie are:

  • It is directed by P H Vishwanath, a veteran director who has made acclaimed movies like Panchama Veda, Kanasugara, and Shubhamangala.
  • It has a hilarious and witty script written by Akshay Vishwanath, Raghunandan, and Nataraj Bhat.
  • It has a talented and versatile cast who deliver excellent performances. Nataraj Bhat and Anoop Shoonya are especially impressive as the lead actors.
  • It has a catchy and melodious music composed by R K Swaminathan, with lyrics by Hrudaya Shiva and Nithin Narayan. The song Yappa Yakappa sung by Chethan Naik is a chartbuster.
  • It has a beautiful and vibrant cinematography by PKH Das, who captures the scenic locations of Mysuru, Bengaluru, and other places.

The movie also teaches us some important lessons about life, such as:

  • Superstition and blind faith can lead to exploitation and manipulation by unscrupulous people.
  • Luck and fortune are not determined by external factors, but by hard work and dedication.
  • Respect and tolerance for different beliefs and cultures are essential for harmony and peace in society.
  • Aade nam god is a movie that entertains and educates us at the same time. It is a movie that makes us laugh and think. It is a movie that challenges us to question our beliefs and actions.
Aade nam God Kannada movie songs
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