Marakastra Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Marakastra is a Kannada movie directed by Gurumurthy Sunami and stars Malashree, Aiyyappa P Sharma, Harshika Poonacha and Ugramm Manju in the lead roles. The movie is a crime thriller that revolves around the investigation of a series of high-profile murders that have shaken the city. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike for its action-packed plot, powerful performances and realistic portrayal of the law and order situation.

Reasons to watch Marakastra

- If you are a fan of crime and action, Marakastra is the movie for you. The movie keeps you engaged with its fast-paced and unpredictable plot. You will be intrigued by the mystery behind the murders and the motive of the killer. The movie also has some thrilling action sequences that showcase the skills and courage of the police force.
- The movie showcases the talent of the veteran actress Malashree, who plays the role of Jahnavi, a cop who takes up the challenge of solving the case. She has delivered a strong and convincing performance as a fearless and determined officer who does not give up easily. She has also performed some impressive stunts that prove her versatility and fitness.
- The movie also features some talented actors like Aiyyappa P Sharma, Harshika Poonacha and Ugramm Manju, who play the roles of Shankar, a professor whose daughters are murdered, Bharath, an orphan who runs an old age home and Nandini, a television reporter respectively. They have portrayed their characters with sincerity and emotion, making you empathize with their plight and root for their justice.
- The movie also depicts the realistic and grim scenario of the law and order situation in the city, where corruption, crime and violence are rampant. The movie exposes the flaws and loopholes in the system that allow the culprits to escape or manipulate the law. The movie also raises some pertinent questions about the role and responsibility of the police, media and public in ensuring justice.

Lessons from Marakastra

- Marakastra is not just a movie that entertains you, but also makes you think and learn about some important aspects of life. The movie teaches you some valuable lessons such as:
    - Justice is not always easy to achieve, but it is worth fighting for. The movie shows how Jahnavi faces many hurdles and challenges in her quest for justice, but she does not give up or compromise on her duty. She also inspires others to join her in her fight against injustice. The movie reminds you to stand up for what is right and not lose hope or faith in justice.
    - Truth is not always obvious or simple, but it is essential to uncover it. The movie shows how Bharath and Nandini try to help Jahnavi in finding out the truth behind the murders, but they also encounter many difficulties and dangers along the way. They also discover some shocking facts that change their perspective and understanding of the situation. The movie warns you to be careful and vigilant in your search for truth and not fall prey to lies or deception.
    - Love is not always easy or smooth, but it is powerful and precious. The movie shows how Shankar loves his daughters dearly and suffers immensely after their death. He also finds solace and support in his wife, who stands by him in his grief. The movie also shows how Bharath and Nandini fall in love with each other despite their differences and difficulties. They also help each other overcome their fears and insecurities. The movie teaches you to cherish your loved ones and not take them for granted.

Marakastra is a movie that you should watch if you are looking for a gripping and realistic drama that will keep you on your toes. The movie is a perfect blend of crime, action, emotion and message that will leave you satisfied and impressed.

Marakastra Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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