Rajamarthanda Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Rajamarthanda is a Kannada movie that released in 2023, directed by Ram Narayan. The movie stars Chiranjeevi Sarja, Deepti Sati, Meghashree, Chikkanna, Saurav Lokesh, and Sumitra. The movie is a thriller that revolves around the life of Raja, a young man who suffers from a split personality disorder and seeks revenge for his parents’ death.

Raja (Chiranjeevi Sarja) is an orphan who lives with his grandmother (Sumitra). He has a childhood love story with Aruni, a girl who moved away with her parents to another city. Raja keeps an earring that belongs to Aruni and hopes to reunite with her someday. Geetha (Deepti Sati) is a medical student who is doing a research on split personality disorder. She meets Raja and notices that he behaves differently every time there is a fight. She wants to study him further as she thinks that he has a case of split personality. However, Raja’s problems are deeper than that. He has a dark past that involves his parents’ murder by a powerful politician (Saurav Lokesh) and his henchmen. Raja has developed another personality called Marthanda, who is violent and ruthless. Raja plots to take revenge on his enemies with the help of Marthanda, but things get complicated when he realizes that Aruni and Geetha are the same person.

Reasons to Watch the Movie

  • The movie is a captivating watch for those who love thrillers with twists and turns.
  • The movie has a strong message about the corruption and injustice in the society and how one can fight against it with courage and determination.
  • The movie has a good balance of action, romance, comedy, and drama that keeps the audience entertained throughout.
  • The movie has stunning visuals and cinematography that create a realistic and immersive experience of the story.
  • The movie has melodious songs and music composed by Arjun Janya that suit the mood and theme of the movie.
  • The movie has excellent performances by the lead actors, especially Chiranjeevi Sarja, who portrays his dual role with perfection and intensity. This was his last movie before his untimely demise in 2020.

Lessons from the Movie

  • The movie teaches us that we should not let our past haunt us and affect our present and future. We should learn to overcome our traumas and heal ourselves.
  • The movie also teaches us that we should not lose our identity and values in the pursuit of revenge. We should always remember who we are and what we stand for.
  • The movie also teaches us that we should not judge people by their appearances or backgrounds, but by their character and actions. We should respect and accept people for who they are
Rajamarthanda Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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