Ronnie Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Ronnie is a Kannada movie directed by Kiran R K and stars Dharma Keerthiraj, Rutvi Patel, Tilak Shekhar, Raghu Pandeshwar and Bala Rajwadi in the lead roles. The movie is a drama thriller that revolves around a wealthy woman, Akshita (Rutvi Patel), who finds solace in her loyal German Shepherd, Ronnie, after losing her grandfather. Their peaceful life is shattered when a high-profile robbery takes place on their estate. Investigating Officer Krantiveer (Dharma Keerthiraj), known for solving tough cases, is transferred to bring the culprit to justice.

The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Here are some reasons to watch the movie and lessons from it:

  • The movie showcases the bond between a human and a dog. Ronnie is not just a pet, but a family member and a protector for Akshita. He is smart, brave and loyal. He helps Akshita cope with her grief and also assists Krantiveer in his investigation. The movie portrays how dogs can be our best friends and companions in times of need.
  • The movie also explores the theme of justice and corruption. Krantiveer is an honest and dedicated officer who faces many challenges and obstacles in his quest to solve the case. He has to deal with corrupt officials, powerful enemies and personal threats. He does not give up or compromise on his principles. He also develops a respect and admiration for Akshita and Ronnie, who support him in his mission.
  • The movie has many thrilling and suspenseful moments that keep the audience engaged. The movie has a fast-paced narrative that does not drag or bore. The movie has some twists and turns that surprise the viewers. The movie also has some action sequences that are well-choreographed and executed. The movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seats till the end.
  • The movie has some good performances by the cast. Dharma Keerthiraj delivers a convincing and impressive performance as Krantiveer. He portrays his character’s determination, courage and vulnerability with ease. Rutvi Patel is charming and graceful as Akshita. She expresses her character’s emotions and strength with subtlety. Tilak Shekhar, Raghu Pandeshwar and Bala Rajwadi are effective as the antagonists. They create a sense of menace and threat with their presence.
  • The movie has some good music by Akash Parva. The songs are catchy and melodious. They suit the mood and tone of the movie. The background score is also apt and enhances the impact of the scenes.

Ronnie is a movie that offers a blend of drama, thrill and emotion. It is a movie that celebrates the bond between a human and a dog, and also delivers a message of justice and integrity. It is a movie that entertains and inspires.


Ronnie Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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