The story of Chandraghanta form of Durga , Navaratri special

Navaratri is a Hindu festival that celebrates the nine forms of Goddess Durga, the supreme power of the universe. Each day of the festival is dedicated to a different aspect of the goddess, who represents the victory of good over evil. Here is an interesting mythological story about one of the forms of Durga, known as Ma Chandraghanta.

Ma Chandraghanta is the goddess worshiped on the third day of Navaratri. She is depicted as having ten arms, holding various weapons and a lotus flower. She rides a tiger and has a crescent moon on her forehead, resembling a bell. She is the symbol of peace, serenity, beauty and bravery.

According to one legend, Ma Chandraghanta was once Parvati, the daughter of the king of mountains, Himavan. She was in love with Lord Shiva, the ascetic god who lived in the Himalayas. She performed severe penance to win his heart and finally succeeded in marrying him. However, her father was not happy with her choice, as he considered Shiva to be a wild and uncivilized deity.

On the day of their wedding, Shiva arrived at Parvati's palace with his army of ghosts, goblins, demons and animals. He was dressed in animal skins and had ashes smeared on his body. He had a snake around his neck and a trident in his hand. He looked terrifying and fierce.

When Himavan saw Shiva and his entourage, he was shocked and frightened. He thought that Shiva had come to destroy his kingdom and harm his daughter. He refused to welcome him and asked him to leave. Parvati was hurt by her father's behavior and tried to convince him that Shiva was a great god who loved her dearly. She told him that Shiva had many forms and that he could also be gentle and kind.

She then prayed to Shiva to show his most beautiful and charming form to her father and his guests. Shiva heard her prayer and agreed to change his appearance. He transformed himself into a handsome and noble prince, wearing fine clothes and jewels. He also changed his army into well-dressed and courteous men.

The story of Chandraghanta form of Durga , Navaratri special

When Himavan saw this transformation, he was amazed and delighted. He realized his mistake and apologized to Shiva for his rudeness. He welcomed him with honor and respect and gave him his daughter's hand in marriage.

Parvati was overjoyed by this turn of events and thanked Shiva for his grace. She also decided to change her own appearance to match her husband's new form. She adorned herself with beautiful ornaments and clothes and wore a crescent moon on her forehead as a sign of her devotion to Shiva.

She then came out of her palace to join Shiva for the wedding ceremony. When everyone saw her, they were stunned by her beauty and radiance. They praised her as Ma Chandraghanta, the goddess who wears a moon-bell on her forehead.

Since then, Ma Chandraghanta is worshiped as one of the forms of Durga, who blesses her devotees with happiness, prosperity and courage. She also protects them from evil forces and enemies². She is the embodiment of love, harmony and grace¹.

This is one of the many stories that are told during Navaratri, which is celebrated in different ways across India. The festival is a time to honor the divine feminine power that creates and sustains the universe. It is also a time to seek the blessings of Ma Durga for success, health and peace.