Garuda Purana Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Garuda Purana is a Kannada crime thriller movie directed by Manjunath B Nagba, who also wrote the script and played the lead role of Mayuk. The movie is about a journalist named Nakshatra (Ananya Kashyap), who investigates a series of mysterious deaths of young women in a village called Basrikatte, where a bridge is being constructed by an engineer named Vijay (Rahul Madhav). She soon discovers that there is a dark secret behind the bridge and the water under it, and that Vijay is not who he seems to be. The movie is a suspense thriller with a social message and a twist in the end.

The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences, who praised the story, direction, and performances. Here are some reasons to watch the movie and some lessons to learn from it:

  • The movie has a unique and intriguing plot that keeps the viewers engaged and curious. The movie blends crime, suspense, and drama in a balanced way, and does not rely on clich├ęs or stereotypes. The movie also has a surprise element that reveals the true motive and identity of the villain, and the reason behind the deaths in the village.
  • The movie has a strong and relevant message that deals with the issue of water scarcity and pollution, and how it affects the lives of the people. The movie shows the greed and corruption of the powerful, and the exploitation and oppression of the poor. The movie also shows the importance of environmental awareness and conservation, and the need to protect the natural resources and the rights of the people.
  • The movie has some impressive performances from the cast, especially Rahul Madhav, who plays a dual role of Vijay and Rama, the antagonist. He shows his versatility and talent in portraying two contrasting characters, and delivers a convincing and chilling performance as the psychopathic killer. Ananya Kashyap, who plays the female lead, shows her potential and charm as the brave and smart journalist, who tries to uncover the truth and stop the villain. Manjunath B Nagba, who is also the writer and director of the movie, does a fair job in his debut film, though he needs some improvement in his acting.
  • The movie has some catchy and melodious music composed by Rajguru Hoskote, who is known for his fusion of folk and modern genres. The songs are well-written and sung, and suit the mood and theme of the movie. The background score is also effective and enhances the thrill and suspense of the movie.

Some of the lessons that the movie teaches us are:

  • The movie teaches us to be careful and cautious of the people we trust and the information we believe. It shows us that appearances can be deceptive, and that some people may have hidden agendas and ulterior motives. It also shows us that some media outlets may be biased and manipulated, and that we should verify the facts and sources before accepting them.
  • The movie teaches us to be compassionate and empathetic towards the people who are suffering and struggling. It shows us the plight and misery of the villagers, who are deprived of clean and safe water, and who are forced to live in fear and danger. It also shows us the courage and determination of Nakshatra, who risks her life to help the villagers and expose the villain.
  • The movie teaches us to be responsible and ethical in our actions and decisions. It shows us the consequences of greed and selfishness, and how they can harm others and ourselves. It also shows us the value of honesty and justice, and how they can prevail over evil and injustice.

Garuda Purana is a movie that offers a different and meaningful experience in the crime thriller genre. It has some flaws and drawbacks in its execution, but it also has some merits and strengths in its content. It is a movie that can be watched for its story and message, and for the performance of Rahul Madhav.

Garuda Purana Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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