The Vacant house Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

The Vacant House is a Kannada movie that released on November 17, 2023. It is directed by Ester Noronha, who is also the producer, music director, and lead actor of the film. The movie is not a horror or a crime thriller, as the title might suggest, but a romantic drama that revolves around a lonely house and the people who visit it.

The Vacant House is about a young woman named Ester (played by Ester Noronha), who inherits a house from her grandmother. She decides to renovate the house and rent it out to travelers. She meets different kinds of people who come to stay in the house, and each of them has a story to tell. Some of them are happy, some are sad, some are in love, and some are in pain. Ester listens to their stories and tries to help them in her own way. She also develops a bond with Shreyas (played by Shreyas Chinga), a handsome and stylish photographer who comes to the house for a photoshoot. Ester and Shreyas fall in love, but their relationship faces some challenges. Will they overcome the obstacles and find their happiness? Or will they lose each other in the process?

The Vacant House is a debut directorial venture of Ester Noronha, who is a singer, dancer, and actor. She has acted in Kannada, Telugu, and Tulu movies, and has also trained under Bollywood veteran Anupam Kher. She has composed and sung all the songs in the movie, which are a mix of Kannada and Konkani languages. She has also produced the movie under her own banner, Janet Noronha Productions.

Shreyas Chinga is the male lead of the movie, who plays the role of a photographer. He is a model and actor, who has appeared in several advertisements and web series. He looks stylish and charming in the movie, and shares a good chemistry with Ester.

The movie also features some supporting actors, who play the roles of the guests who come to the house. They include Anusha Hegde, Prashanth Siddi, Anil Kumar, and others.

The cinematography of the movie is done by Narendra Goud, who has captured the scenic beauty of Mangalore, where most of the movie is shot. The editing is done by Vijay Raj, who has given a crisp and smooth narrative to the movie.

The Reasons to Watch

The Vacant House is a movie that offers a fresh and unique perspective on love and loneliness. It is not a typical romantic movie, but a realistic and relatable one. It shows how different people cope with their emotions, and how they find solace in each other. It also shows how a house can become a home, and how a home can become a witness to many stories.

The movie has a simple and engaging plot, which keeps the audience hooked till the end. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes, which is neither too long nor too short. The movie has a good balance of drama, comedy, romance, and music, which makes it a wholesome entertainer.

The movie has some beautiful songs, which are composed and sung by Ester Noronha. The songs are catchy and melodious, and suit the mood and theme of the movie. The songs are also a blend of Kannada and Konkani languages, which reflect the culture and diversity of Mangalore.

The movie has some stunning visuals, which showcase the natural beauty of Mangalore. The movie is shot in various locations, such as the beach, the hills, the fields, and the city. The movie also has some impressive shots of the house, which is the central character of the movie. The house is designed and decorated in a traditional and elegant way, which gives it a cozy and inviting feel.

The movie has some brilliant performances, especially by Ester Noronha, who has proved her versatility and talent as an actor, director, producer, and music director. She has portrayed the role of Ester with grace and charm, and has also shown her skills in singing and dancing. Shreyas Chinga has also done a commendable job as Shreyas, and has matched Ester’s energy and charisma. The supporting actors have also done justice to their roles, and have added value to the movie.

Lessons from movie

The Vacant House is a movie that teaches some valuable lessons to the audience. It teaches that love is not a fairy tale, but a journey that has its ups and downs. It teaches that love is not about finding the perfect person, but about accepting the person as they are. It teaches that love is not about holding on, but about letting go. It teaches that love is not about being happy, but about making someone happy.

The movie also teaches that loneliness is not a curse, but a blessing. It teaches that loneliness is not about being alone, but about being yourself. It teaches that loneliness is not about feeling sad, but about feeling alive. It teaches that loneliness is not about seeking company, but about giving company.

The movie also teaches that a house is not just a building, but a living entity. It teaches that a house is not just a place, but a space. It teaches that a house is not just a shelter, but a sanctuary. It teaches that a house is not just a property, but a personality

The Vacant house Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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