TRP Rama Kannada movie songs

TRP Rama is a Kannada thriller movie directed by Ravi Prasad, who also plays the titular role of Rama. The movie revolves around the investigation of a series of rape cases by a journalist named Nakshatra (Sparsha RK), who suspects Rama to be the culprit. Along the way, she meets Lakshmamma (Mahalakshmi), a mother who is looking for her missing son. The movie explores the themes of media ethics, social justice, and human emotions.

The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but there are some reasons to watch it and some lessons to learn from it. Here are some of them:

  • The movie has a fresh and original concept that deviates from the typical thrillers. It tries to provide a nuanced and socially conscious perspective on the issue of sexual violence and the role of media in reporting it. The movie raises some profound questions about the truth, justice, and morality of the characters and their actions.
  • The movie features a promising comeback of veteran actor Mahalakshmi, who has returned to the silver screen after 30 years. She delivers a captivating performance as a grief-stricken mother who is determined to find her son. She brings a lot of emotional depth and resonance to the movie and steals the show with her acting skills.
  • The movie has some decent performances from the other actors as well. Sparsha RK, a singer-turned-actor, shows her natural talent and charisma as the investigative reporter. Ravi Prasad, who is also the writer and director of the movie, does a fair job in his debut film, though he needs some improvement in his acting. Pallavi Parva plays the role of a village belle convincingly and adds some authenticity to the movie.
  • The movie has some folk music composed by Rajguru Hoskote, which complements the narrative and sets the tone and atmosphere of the movie. The songs are catchy and melodious and add some flavor to the movie.

Some of the lessons that the movie teaches us are:

  • The movie shows us the importance of being ethical and responsible in our profession, especially in the field of journalism. It shows us the consequences of sensationalizing and manipulating the news for the sake of ratings and popularity. It also shows us the need to be vigilant and critical of the information that we consume and the sources that we trust.
  • The movie shows us the impact of sexual violence on the victims and their families. It shows us the trauma and pain that they go through and the challenges that they face in seeking justice and healing. It also shows us the courage and resilience that they display in overcoming their ordeal and fighting for their rights.
  • The movie shows us the value of human emotions and relationships. It shows us the bond between a mother and her son, the friendship between a reporter and her colleague, and the empathy between strangers who share a common cause. It also shows us the complexity and ambiguity of human nature and the choices that we make.

TRP Rama is a movie that tries to be different and meaningful in its genre. It has some flaws and shortcomings in its execution, but it also has some merits and strengths in its content. It is a movie that can be watched once for its concept and message, and for the comeback of Mahalakshmi.

TRP Rama Kannada movie songs
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