Anavarana Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Anavarana is a Kannada crime drama thriller movie directed by HarishKumar BK and Manjunath Pillappa, and stars Arjun Yogi, Sarika Rao, Gaurish Akki and Honnavalli Krishna in the lead roles. The movie also features Rathasapthami Aravind as a supporting character.

The movie revolves around Nishanth (Arjun Yogi), a genius police officer who investigates an unidentified dead body. He soon discovers that the victim is his ex-girlfriend Naija (Sarika Rao), who he had a passionate but obsessive love for. He becomes obsessed with finding out who killed her and why, and starts to lose his sanity in the process.

The movie explores the dark side of love and obsession, and how they can lead to violence and tragedy. The movie also shows how Nishanth’s obsession affects his personal and professional life, as well as his relationship with his colleagues and friends.

Some of the reasons to watch this movie are:

  • The movie has a gripping plot that keeps the audience hooked till the end.
  • The movie has a stellar performance by Arjun Yogi, who portrays Nishanth’s character with intensity and emotion.
  • The movie has a good direction by HarishKumar BK and Manjunath Pillappa, who create a realistic and suspenseful atmosphere.
  • The movie has a good music score by C. Vishal Krishna, who adds to the mood of the movie.
  • The movie has some twists and turns that surprise the audience.

Some of the lessons that can be learned from this movie are:

  • Love should be healthy and respectful, not obsessive and possessive.
  • Obsession can cloud one’s judgment and make one do irrational things.
  • Violence is never a solution to any problem, but only creates more pain and suffering.
  • One should seek help when one feels overwhelmed or depressed by their emotions.
  • One should value their relationships with others more than their own desires.

Anavarana is a must-watch for anyone who loves crime dramas, thrillers or psychological movies. It is a well-made film that delivers a powerful message about love, obsession and mental health.

Anavarana Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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