Useless fellow Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Useless Fellow is a Kannada drama film directed by Manu Basavaraj, who also plays the lead role of an IPS officer. The film chronicles his life journey from being a rebellious youngster to a responsible and courageous cop. The film also stars Vijay Suriya and Vinod Gobbaragaala in supporting roles.

The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the film’s realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by police officers, the engaging screenplay, and the powerful performances by the cast. The film also has a catchy soundtrack composed by Vijay Sindigi.

Here are some reasons to watch the film and the lessons that it teaches:

  • The film shows the importance of having a clear vision and a strong determination to achieve one’s goals. The protagonist, Manu, faces many obstacles and hardships in his journey, but he never gives up on his dream of becoming an IPS officer. He works hard, studies diligently, and prepares himself for the tough exams and training. He also overcomes his personal flaws and weaknesses, such as his anger issues and his lack of discipline. He proves that nothing is impossible if one has a passion and a purpose in life.
  • The film also highlights the value of honesty, integrity, and loyalty in the police force. Manu is an idealistic and upright officer, who does not compromise on his principles or succumb to any pressure or corruption. He stands up for justice and fights against the evil forces that threaten the peace and security of the society. He also respects and supports his fellow officers, and earns their trust and admiration. He shows that being a police officer is not just a job, but a service and a duty to the nation.
  • The film also conveys a message of hope and optimism in the face of adversity. Manu faces many challenges and dangers in his career, such as violent criminals, corrupt politicians, and hostile situations. He also suffers personal losses and tragedies, such as the death of his father and his girlfriend. However, he does not lose his faith or his spirit. He finds strength and inspiration from his mentors, his friends, and his family. He also learns to cope with his grief and move on with his life. He shows that one can overcome any difficulty or sorrow with courage and resilience.

Useless Fellow is a film that entertains and educates the viewers. It is a film that celebrates the spirit and the sacrifice of the police officers, who risk their lives to protect the citizens. It is a film that inspires the viewers to follow their dreams and to live with dignity and honor. It is a film that you should not miss.

Useless fellow Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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